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Indeed, this is the Gamesman Karaoke Karaoke reviews page

Gamesman Karaoke Series

To begin with, this is not a famous name in karaoke circles. So far we know of only three discs that exist in this series. Indeed, we list the three karaoke prefixes for this small label.

Also, we show the alternative way of listing. This is because two karaoke jockeys gave us their lists and both are different. Obviously, there is a song list here to accompany the three discs.

Gamesman Karaoke Front Cover - GM1001
Gamesman Karaoke Front Cover - GM1002
These three Gamesman Karaoke discs also have a Maple Leaf on some of their labels. Of course, they have ‘Made In Canada’ wrote on them too. With this in mind, we have another collection of Canadian karaoke on the Karaoke Shack.

Just to point out that we are unaware of any link between them.

Obviously, we had a check on the internet for these Gamesman discs. However, we found no trace of them. Then again, we only checked once. So, it is up to the karaoke collector to look out for these if need be.

To clarify, here is a full list of those three Gamesman Karaoke discs:

GM1000 AKA GMK1000
GM1001 AKA GMK1001
GM1002 AKA GMK1002
Karaoke Shack - list your business free of charge. Karaoke venues. Karaoke Jockeys. Here we list the Gamesman Karaoke disc id numbers.

To Sum Up

Canada Rocks also Three of a Kind are the titles to two of the Gamesman Karaoke discs. But, what is the title of the third one? We would like you to let us know if you still have these discs. Obviously, tell us about the quality of the music and on-screen graphics etc. After all, only by the information we receive, can we enlighten other karaoke collectors.
Gamesman Karaoke - GM1001 Back cover
Are they worth seeking out on the second-hand market, for example? Indeed, your knowledge can help others greatly.

Gamesman Karaoke Song Book Also

Of course, we need to know the contents of the three karaoke discs. With this in mind, we have the Gamesman song book on the next page. In short, click the link below to access the PDF file.

View The Song Book

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