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Indeed, here we have the Helluvadisc Karaoke reviews page

The Helluvadisc Karaoke Series

Firstly, one of these discs is also the same as All Hits Karaoke. As usual, another karaoke firm with a link to another karaoke company. But in the case of Helluvadisc Karaoke discs, that’s not a bad connection. This is because All Hits Karaoke has a very good reputation. Above all, the feedback so far tell us there are quite a few very good quality tracks on this label. On the whole, that isn’t surprising because of the link to All Hits.
Helluvadisc Karaoke - HV01 - H0001 Disc

In the first place, we gave a shout for information about the Helluvadisc Karaoke Series and got confusing reports back. Indeed, a few say there is only 11 discs. Also, a few say that there is 13 discs. However, we didn’t get proof of any discs after disc 9. Because of the confusion, the Karaoke Shack felt a label was necessary to confirm things. We didn’t get one, so we are only listing the 11 discs below. However, should proof come along, we will immediately update the lists.

In addition, we are unsure as to whether the A and B discs are together as a joint release. In other words, were they in one CD package? Obviously, once we get confirmation of any other information, we will adjust where necessary. So, let us know if you have anything to add.

Helluvadisc Karaoke - H0003 Purple disc
Helluvadisc Karaoke - skull and cross bones CDG
Helluvadisc Karaoke - H0006B - CDG

Just to clarify things, here is the full list of disc id’s from the Helluvadisc Karaoke series:

HV01 **

** Indeed, this disc is identical to All Hits AH8022.

To Sum Up

Helluvadisc Karaoke Series - HV03 - H0003
Apparently, there are also many variants of the disc label too. Indeed, one disc seems to have three different looking labels. However, it’s not what the official label looks like really, but the quality of the karaoke tracks themselves that count. So, a little dabble on ebay may be worthwhile. Of course, that’s if you can find them. They are pretty old karaoke discs, so expect some marks and scratches to the disc surface. In essence, ask before you buy!

Should you have these discs or still work with them, please make a comment about your experiences with them. We are particularly looking at the quality of the Helluvadisc Karaoke Series. Obviously, your feedback and valuable reviews will help collectors make their minds up about wanting these in their collection.

Helluvadisc Karaoke Song Book Also

We still have a little confusion about the possible existence of another disc or two. So we can only provide a song list for those we know about.
Helluvadisc Karaoke Series - Highway To Hell - AC/DC
This is because we need the facts. So, the Karaoke Shack lists all the tracks from those discs in the list above. In short, click the link below for the Helluvadisc Karaoke Song Book.

View The Song Book

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