Honky Cat Karaoke Series

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The Honky Cat Karaoke Series

Firstly, the Honky Cat Karaoke tracks go along with the same idea as Atoy’s karaoke. Obviously, this is making karaoke tracks that the bigger producers forgot about! Moreover, the label actually says ‘songs the others neglected’.

As we all know, the bigger karaoke firms obviously tend to make the more popular songs. However, what about the other songs that are good but were not so popular? In a word, up pops Honky Cat Karaoke to fill in.

Honky Cat Karaoke HC01 - CDG Disc

To clarify, a reliable member informs us that Honky Cat only made five karaoke discs. In this case, each of these discs has 15 tracks. In essence, here is the list that he kindly sent to us:

Honky Cat Karaoke pussy cats singing
Honky Cat Karaoke HC02 - CDG Disc
Honky Cat Karaoke HC03 - CDG Disc
Honky Cat Karaoke HC04 - CDG Disc

To Sum Up

Honky Cat Karaoke HC05 - CDG Disc
Seventy five otherwise hard to get a hold of tracks are always worthwhile having in any collection. Moreover, they should be available very cheaply on ebay when they pop up.

Do you own any Honky Cat karaoke discs and if so what are they like? For example, what is the musical quality like? Also, do the on-screen lyrics match etc?

On the whole, all information submitted to the Karaoke Shack will be welcome by every karaoke disc collector too. Also, with only five discs to the set, they are not easy to find. However, we think that many keen collectors will automatically look out for them on the used market. Ultimately, are they worth it for the casual collector though?

Finally, join in with the main Karaoke Shack blog or Karaoke Forum and have your say. Generally speaking, all subject matters are under discussion here in-depth. But, on the forum you can open threads on absolutely anything. Moreover, posts don’t really have a minimum length.

Honky Cat Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously we see this collection has karaoke tracks that the other firms forgot about. Therefore now, we need to see what is on them. Indeed, we have the song list for these discs on the next page. So, to inspect the Honky Cat Song Book, click the link below.

View The Song Book

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3 Responses to Honky Cat Karaoke Series

  1. Jeff_Ehlert says:

    Honky Cat does have songs that the others forgot about, but they do sound like MIDI tracks! Not much if any Backing Vocals, but the do have those obscure songs

  2. Jacky says:

    The full set of the Honky Cat karaoke series is for sale. Approximately 90 sets are available. They are original discs and never used – please check the forum for more info – https://www.karaokeshack.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=317

  3. Cavourite says:

    Several Years ago I bought what may have been the last major stash of brand new Honky Cat disks in existence. I got 500 of each of the 5 disks, in paper envelopes still in what appear to be the manufacturer’s boxes. I list some from time to time on eBay under the seller name cavendish52.

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