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Indeed, here is the Hot Line Karaoke reviews page

Hot Line Karaoke Series

To begin with, the Hot Line Karaoke Series released eight karaoke discs. In fact, seven of those discs are AKA Backstage discs.

But, one that seems to be different. While HL05* has only ten Billy Joel tracks, its equivalent in the Backstage version, BS9117, has 17 tracks. In effect, apart from HL05 and the labels themselves, these discs are obvious duplicates.

Hot Line Karaoke - HL04 disc label


Obviously, this affects karaoke collectors. Imagine owning a full set of Backstage Karaoke discs, then these Hot Line Karaoke discs become available. In this case, you would adding eight discs to your already bulky collection.

To clarify, here is a list of all the Hot Line Karaoke discs available.

HL01 AKA BS5917
HL02 AKA BS9917
HL03 AKA BS6017
HL04 AKA BS5717
HL06 AKA BS5817
HL07 AKA BS9817
HL503 AKA BS5217
Hot line karaoke series - let's sing like a star

* This one is similar to BS9117 but has less tracks than its Backstage counterpart.

To sum up

Apparently, there are some karaoke song books that have the following disc ID numbers: HL501, HL502, HL504, HL505, HL506. However, these are really HL01, HL02, HL04, HL05 & HL06 respectfully.

To repeat, HL503 is unique! Therefore, it makes sense to list it differently in some way. However, it is down to the karaoke jockey how they organise them in their song books.

Hot Line Karaoke - two females singing

All in all, these must come from the Nutech stables as that’s where Backstage has its roots. Moreover, it’s bad enough for the karaoke collector to sift through mountains of discs to find the right track. It is also the same when trying to find unique songs.

However, these discs do not provide any unique songs. Indeed, karaoke collectors would be better off collecting Backstage Karaoke.

In essence though, some karaoke collectors might not have many of the Backstage karaoke discs or even wish to save Backstage. So these may be OK for them. But, as ever, an avid karaoke collector may grab them as a matter of course.

Finally, they will surely be cheap on the second-hand market. Also, anyone who would like to comment on the Hot Line karaoke series please do so. For example what is the quality like? In effect, you can review these discs here. Then again, we have a brand new Karaoke Forum now and all previous members and new members are welcome.

Hot Line Karaoke Song book Also

Indeed, we do have a song book for the above discs. Obviously, it lists all the tracks from the above series. Moreover, should you buy some Hot Line Karaoke discs, leave a comment here.

In short, click the link below to access the Hot Line Karaoke song book.

Hot Line Karaoke - HL03 - Elvis disc

View The Song Book

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