House Party Karaoke Song Book

House Party Karaoke Song Book - track list - downloads

Indeed, this is the House Party Karaoke Song Book


House Party Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, this is a fully comprehensive list of tracks from House Party. Readers will indeed note all the famous singers on this list. Also, their top songs are on the list of course. So, go ahead and inspect the House Party Karaoke Song Book further. Obviously, if they float your boat, buy some. With this in mind, if you do purchase any, come back and tell us.

Just to point out that these House Party Karaoke discs come under the umbrella of  Compass Productions. Also, they are no longer in production, old or new. With this in mind, the only place to buy them is privately or on ebay etc.

Since we rely on independent reports, tell us about their music quality. Also tell us about the graphics on the screen. All things considered, we suspect that they will play similar to all tracks released by Compass Productions. For example, the Lucky Star Karaoke. But, as yet, we have not had confirmation on this.

Indeed, read this song book page together with the House Party Home Page. Furthermore, the Compass Productions Home Page has references too.

** Should you take the above download, take the entire Compass Productions for £0.75 (ask for the code). Also, it entitles you to take the Five Star Karaoke PDF for £0.25.

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