How To Burn A Karaoke Disc

Firstly, there may be a time when you need to back up your karaoke discs. After all, we should not really touch CD’s with our grubby fingers. Indeed, after paying a lot of money for a karaoke collection, the last thing we need is to damage them. So, in this tutorial, we will show you how to burn a karaoke disc. Obviously, after burning your copy, store the original in a safe place. In any event, you are free to take it out of storage at any time when you want it.

Equipment Necessary

In the tutorial ‘how to rip a karaoke disc‘ we explained that karaoke discs also have text files on the tracks. These of course, show up as on-screen graphics. As previously noted, ripping a disc on most PC’s CD drives could work with the right software. However, we always would recommend a CD drive suitable for all round karaoke use. Indeed, you will fail badly if you think you can burn a karaoke disc using any old drive. In effect, what will happen is that your on-screen graphics have blotched markings all over. In fact, in many cases, totally illegible. Obviously, this is why we always recommend the compatible CD drives for those who rip or burn karaoke discs.

The software we will use to burn the karaoke disc CDG is indeed Power Karaoke 2 (or the older version if you have it). Also, the Compact Disc (CD) medium we use will always be Verbatim because of their reputation. You will get some good results with all modern blank CD’s but we believe its best to get the best.

How To Burn A Karaoke Disc

To begin with, place a Verbatim CD in the disc tray of the recommended CD drive. Then start the Power Burner program. Now, click burn at the top left, also add the files you wish to use. Once you have loaded all the tracks, press burn in the bottom left. This operation will take over 20 minutes so go and get a cuppa.

Obviously, if you just wish to copy a karaoke disc direct, then you can do this too. Although none of our team has done this, it does look straightforward. So it looks like a case of burning the disc in the ‘recommended’ burner if you have two CD drives. Should you only one drive, the pc will copy the files to the computer first, then burn them when prompted.

How to burn a karaoke disc - power burner software

To Sum Up

All in all, we hope you have a better understanding of how to burn a karaoke disc. Indeed, it is easy once you have the correct gear. Also, the CD drives are cheap and the Power Burner 2 program has a reasonable price too. In fact, even the Verbatim CD’s are only slightly more expensive than shop branded ones.

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