How To Rip A Karaoke Disc

To begin with, you need to understand the terminology. Ripping a discs basically means you extract the contents of a CD to your PC or computer. In fact, this applies to both music CD’s or Karaoke CDG’s. Of course, the reasons why you do this is many fold. For example, you may wish to rip all your karaoke discs to your hard drive if you switch to a computer based system for your karaoke gigs. Indeed, you may just wish to back up your prized karaoke discs. Moreover, you may wish to burn them back to CD so that your karaoke gigs never see your originals. Here, we also teach you how to rip a karaoke disc.

Although for ripping purposes, most CD/DVD drives will do, we will stick with the recommended ones. This is because if you rip karaoke discs, you may want to burn them again. And burning DOES indeed require the recommended burners – period. Besides, if you want to rip a karaoke CD doesn’t it make sense to use one suitable for burning. In other words, one compatible for the job. After all, you want the best!

Karaoke Ripping Equipment

Ripping a karaoke disc is indeed similar to ripping a normal music disc. However, while ripping a music disc needs nothing more than a PC or a laptop, ripping karaoke needs more attention. In other words, place your music CD into the drive tray on your computer, open media player and tell it to rip MP3 files.

But wait, you can’t do that with karaoke discs! In the first place, there are differences with the discs. A karaoke disc has a text file whereas a music CD does not. So, it’s that file that we have to access and your common CD player can’t access it. Once you place your karaoke disc in the computer tray and close it, you will hear the music but will not see the on screen lyrics. Hence, we need to access the text file on the karaoke disc.

So, now you understand there’s a text file on karaoke discs, you need a suitable drive to access it. The Karaoke Shack has indeed published a full list of compatible karaoke burners/rippers. Most of the burners we have listed are older models and are also cheap on the second-hand market. Once you get hold of a decent burner, you now need some ripping software. We highly recommend Power Burner 2 because with this software you can burn a karaoke disc, rip a karaoke disc and even copy a karaoke disc.

how to rip a karaoke disc - burn a cdg - Power Burner 2 Software

How To Rip A Karaoke Disc

Now that you have the right equipment, you are ready to rip the karaoke disc. Of course, you may have other karaoke ripping software, but we will assume you have Power Burner 2. Don’t worry, the process is basically the same. Firstly, place your karaoke disc in the drive tray on your laptop/PC.
How To Rip A Karaoke Disc - CD disc in computer tray cdg
Be aware that if your settings are on auto-play then VLC or another program may open up, just close it.  Obviously, start the Power Burner program. If you have configured Power Burner to look up a database, then the artist and track name will show. Select the output folder and whether you require zip files etc, then press the ‘Rip’ button. In general, expect to wait over 15 minutes to rip an average karaoke disc.

After Ripping

So, after a ripping the karaoke disc you then have a folder full zip files full of named files. Obviously, if  you are going to rip your discs to your PC, you should have a way of playing them. Indeed, you may also wish to burn them back to a CD at a later date. Finally, you have learned how to rip a karaoke disc. Indeed, if you need to comment on this article, please do so here. However, you may wish to make a Karaoke Forum post.

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