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Indeed, here we have the American Idol Makers Karaoke reviews

Idol Makers Karaoke – American Series

You can also sing like an ‘American Idol’ was the message from the producers. But, are the discs worth buying after the hype? Certainly, the brand name is famous but does that guarantee success? After all, the tracks are no different from other karaoke brands. Since the Karaoke Shack only allows independent views from the members, post your comments here. For example, are these discs worth gigging with or are they only good for home use?

Indeed, our shout out for disc numbers and song lists gave us nearly 30 discs to sort out. However, we soon saw that all karaoke jockeys have similar lists. Indeed, compiling this list was easy enough. Moreover, because of this, the song list below was also easy to compile. Nevertheless, our thanks go out to those KJ’s who gave their lists to the Shack.

To clarify, we have information about the 27 discs released in the American Series. Correspondingly, here is a list of the disc ID numbers.  Indeed, we understand the following 27 discs exist in this fashion:

Idol Makers Karaoke - IM001 disc
Idol Makers Karaoke - IM010 disc
Idol Makers Karaoke - IM016 disc label

To Sum Up

This collection of the Idol makers Karaoke – American Series is still for sale over the internet from many places. In brief, we have seen the complete set marked down to $37 in the USA. Likewise, this equates to £23 in the UK and $45 Aus. Of course, this does appear to be good value as the discs are full to the brim with karaoke tracks. Indeed, many have 20 tracks on each disc covering the past 6 decades. We are all familiar with the show and those behind it obviously. But this does not guarantee their venture into karaoke will be a success. However, it will guarantee a few sales.

Obviously, we want to know if the quality of the music good. Also, do the on-screen lyrics match up with the tune?
Idol Makers Karaoke banner in blue
Indeed, would you recommend these discs to any other karaoke collector. On the other hand, do you think they should save their money? If you have these discs and would like to write a review, please do so. Furthermore, it’s feedback from the members that will help new karaoke collectors. Obviously, it will help them decide if its worth having the full collection of Idol makers Karaoke – American Series.

Idol Makers Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, we have a song book to accompany the Idol Makers discs in the list above. Readers will note that they do indeed show many top name singers and bands. Also, many famous songs are on the book too. In brief, to access the 8 page Idol Makers Karaoke song book, click the link below.

View The Song Book

Just to point out, our Karaoke Forum is very active. In effect, you have the option to join both the blogs or the forum and have your say. In fact, why not sing one of these Idol Makers’ songs and post it in the forum’s Showcase. With this in mind, it’s over to you!

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