Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book

Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book - disc identity - downloads

Indeed, this is the Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book


Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book

Firstly, the Jive Bunny Karaoke set is basically a re-brand from the Music Factory Karaoke firm. However, only two karaoke discs are available. Of course, these are only available on the second-hand market. This is because the firm are not making karaoke now.

Of course, they have their own labels but are the same tracks as on the Music Factory discs. So, inspect the Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book and buy them if they suit. However, because they are dupes from another series, make sure you really need them. Indeed, the Karaoke Shack exists because we aim to provide information. Also, we are fully aware that collecting piles and piles of karaoke discs can be wasteful in many ways. In this case, avid collectors will buy them. However, someone just starting out may wish to leave them, preferring the Music Factory first.

Also Know More?

Read this song list together with the main Jive Bunny reviews page. Obviously, should you have other information about the Jive Bunny series, let us all know. For example, are there any other differences between these dupes etc.

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