Jive Bunny Karaoke Series

The Karaoke Shack Forum & Blog accepts the different identity some producers try and achieve. Jive Bunny karaoke is basically a Music Factory production but rebranded.

Indeed, this is the Jive Bunny Karaoke reviews page

Jive Bunny Karaoke Series

To clarify, this two disc set has the Jive Bunny karaoke name attached to it. However, they are basically Music Factory Karaoke discs from their Mastermix Series with a new name. Correspondingly, there are 15 tracks on each disc. Of course, we list the disc ID numbers with their ‘AKA’ numbers.

The following two images are of the Jive Bunny Karaoke discs:

Jive Bunny Karaoke disc - JIVE001
Jive Bunny Karaoke JIVE002 Disc

In brief, the Jive Bunny Karaoke disc ID numbers are as follows:


To Sum Up

Because they are the same tracks as their Music Factory dupe, why buy them? Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to buy the Jive Bunny set. So, if you are looking to buy the Music Factory karaoke collection, then think twice about these discs. Indeed, the only difference would be the label on the disc.
Jive Bunny Karaoke disc set
In general, some collectors may want to have this set for their unique label. However, the majority of us don’t like piles of discs that have the same content. However, there may be other differences that we are not aware of. In this case, let us know if there are other appropriate details we should know.


Of course, anyone who can give a review of these two discs can still do so here. Obviously, reviews from the Music Factory will help too. However, it will still help the karaoke collectors to comment on these. This is because they may have an opportunity to buy them and need information about them. For example, they may not have an interest in the Music Factory collection. Moreover, is there any other difference we should be aware of?

In essence, Jive Bunny have their own identity, and as such, have their own page here at the Karaoke Shack.

Jive Bunny Karaoke Song Book Also

Of course we have a song list for the Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers. In short, click the link below to access it.

View The Song Book

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