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Indeed, here is the K-Tel Karaoke Series reviews page

The K-Tel Karaoke Series

To begin with, here is a bunch of karaoke discs from K-Tel Karaoke. In brief, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, adverts from K-Tel were on TV a lot with all sorts of gadgets. Moreover, they invented the compilation album!

Indeed, they dabbled a little making karaoke discs too. Obviously, this is what we review here. In the first place, K-Tel Karaoke boast of using the original artists on their discs.

K-Tel Karaoke country music
Obviously, these are the songs that have with-vocals. Moreover, according to our lists, all discs have with-vocals apart from one.

However, be aware that they are re-recordings by the original artists. So, does singing with the original artists sound like an attractive proposition? With this in mind, if you know of any other discs which use the original artists, then tell us.

Compiling the lists was easy because we only know of 10 actual K-Tel Karaoke discs. In fact, we had a few lists sent by karaoke jockeys and all were similar. However, one KJ prefixed the discs K-TEL6001-2, KTEL6002-2 etc

Furthermore, KT6005-2 and KT60010-2 have no with-vocal tracks while the rest have. Also, there are dupes on those discs too.

To clarify, here is a list of K-Tel Karaoke discs that exist:


K-Tel Karaoke KT6015-2 - Front song books
K-Tel Karaoke KT6020-2 - Front CD+G
K-Tel Karaoke KT6025-2 - Front song books and lists

To Sum Up

Of course, we already know that K-Tel Karaoke use the original recording artists. But what we don’t know is what the quality is like. If you have the discs, then like other karaoke collectors, we would like to know if the quality is good. Indeed, are the on-screen graphics legible enough? Likewise, do the words sync with the music?
K-Tel Karaoke - seventies loving

Also, would you recommend these discs to a future collector? Why not register with our community and give your opinions also?

K-Tel Karaoke at the Karaoke Forums & Blogs
Obviously, the K-Tel discs may be a decent bargain if you can acquire them on the second-hand market.
However, as with all CD’s, ensure they are in good condition and that they work.

Just to point out, you can check out all other independent karaoke labels here on the manufacturers page. Furthermore, you can vote on these K-Tel Karaoke discs. In fact, you can rate any other label that you like on a scale of 1 to 10.

K-Tel Karaoke Song Book Also

In addition to the above information, we also have a song book to accompany this set of discs. Indeed, this is on the next page. Furthermore, it includes all the tracks from all the discs in the list above.

So, click the link below for the full track listing for K-Tel Karaoke.

K-Tel Karaoke KT6020-2-Label CDG

View The Song Book

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