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The Karaoke Classics Series

The first thing to remember is that the Karaoke Classics company released only nine karaoke discs. Obviously, karaoke is our game and we appreciate all karaoke makers.

In general, a unique label is always in demand karaoke disc collectors. So, thisĀ  label is no different. However, searching for them is difficult. Indeed, we couldn’t find any.

Karaoke Classics - back cover - KC007

To begin with they have an awkward generic name. Then, because they come from the mid nineties, not many are around now. Thus, they are one of those karaoke labels that are a true collectors item should you bag them. Obviously, grabbing the whole set is the aim. So, if by chance you see them on ebay cheaply, snatch them. Indeed, between karaoke collectors, these discs may change hands at a much higher price.

In brief, a forum member sent their song book to us with and we list those here. Indeed, we have no other information other than the disc identities and the song list.

To clarify, here is a list of disc id numbers that we have:


To Sum Up

Karaoke Classics series - disc id numbers
In brief, we know nothing about the firm or the quality of the discs. So, if you would like to write a review for the Karaoke Classics series, then register and do so. Obviously, your input can help karaoke collectors decide whether to go out and look for this small set. For instance, what are they like musically and graphically?

The first thing to remember if you are chasing up this Karaoke Classics series is that the key words are far too common. To point out the obvious, ‘karaoke’ and ‘classics’ in search engines will bring up many different karaoke labels. The bigger labels, in particular, have some ‘classic’ discs and this is what you will find! Under those circumstances, finding this Karaoke Classics set of CDG discs will prove to be so difficult. Good luck to those who try though!

As previously noted, if they come your way and are cheap, it may be worth getting them. This is because, some rare karaoke sets can change hands for quite a bit.

Karaoke Classics Song Book Also

Now that we have the information above, readers may like to see the song list. Indeed, we list those on the next page. Indeed, readers will note the diverse collection of individual karaoke tracks from this series. Moreover, rare karaoke discs such as these should be a priority for the avid collector.

In short, click on the link to see the Karaoke Classics track listing for the discs in the list above.

Karaoke Classics - label KC008

View The Song Book

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