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Indeed, this is the Karaoke Klub reviews page

The Karaoke Klub Super Hits DVD’s

Firstly, these discs are only playable on RSQ machines apparently. This is because they are NEO+G DVD’s. However, they do have over 1200 karaoke tracks on each disc! With this in mind, we examine whether the quality is good enough for gigging or home use.

Also, we check whether it is practical to actually have them in a collection.

Karaoke Klub Super Hits - RSQ Player - NEO+G DVD

We have following list for the Karaoke Klub Super Hits:

1) KKSH01 Multiplex
2) KKSH01
3) KKSH03 Multiplex
4) KKSH03
Karaoke Klub Super Hits - RSQ Player - NEO+G DVD with hard drive
Karaoke Klub Super Hits Volume 1 - cdg dvd
Karaoke Klub Super Hits Volume 2 - cdg dvd
Karaoke Klub Super Hits Volume 3 - cdg dvd

To Sum Up

So, it appears that there are three releases by looking at the images above. However, each of them have a full on karaoke version and a Multiplex version (MPX). Of course, this makes six DVD karaoke releases in total. To clarify, Multiplex means that all tracks have with-vocals, which is a bonus. However, with a suitable karaoke player/machine, you can cancel the vocal and just leave the audio. Indeed, this is an ideal way to learn a song.

Unfortunately, our list only contains disc one also disc three. Indeed KKSH02 may exist, and it certainly looks that way, but we have no details. Obviously, we got these lists from the members together with their song books. Furthermore, disc 2 was not on the list. Thus, if we can’t list the tracks, then we can’t list the karaoke discs. However, there is an image above and that suggests that disc 2 does exist.

Karaoke Klub Super Hits - girls and boys singing
On the negative side, quality may not be good. Indeed, with all those tracks on the disc, we think they won’t be as good as a normal karaoke CD. In other words, the bit-rate will be lower. In contrast, on most reputable commercial karaoke discs, the bit rate will be a whole lot higher.

Thus, commercially made karaoke discs with the usual average of about 18 songs, will have a far superior sound. Of course, where alcohol is drank, this may not be a problem.

Connect With Us Too

So, if you know more about the Karaoke Klub Super Hits, register and write a review of them. Obviously, this may help future karaoke collectors. For example, what are they like and do more of these discs exist? Do that here and or also in the forum.

Finally, these karaoke discs may not be suitable for people without the correct equipment. However, we have a karaoke manufacturer’s directory with all the other labels listed there.

Karaoke Klub Song Book Also

OK, now that we have the Karaoke Klub discs in the list above, we need the song list. Moreover, we have this on the next page.

Although there are only four discs in the list above, there are 66 pages on these song books. However, please note that the PDF file lists in order of disc ID. This is because it is better to view this way.

In short, click the link below for the Karaoke Klub song list.

Karaoke Klub - KJ Hits disc neo+c

View The Song Book

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