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Karaoke Forum and blogs present Karaoke Station - English Series

Indeed, we present Karaoke Station – English Series

Karaoke Station – English Series

To begin with, this list shows the English karaoke discs from Karaoke Station. As a matter of fact, the firm usually specialises in Latin karaoke discs. However, we are happy that they did produce the English tracks for our pleasure.

For the most part, the Karaoke Shack only logs the English karaoke discs. Occasionally though, some karaoke firms produce a combination as in this case.

Karaoke Station cdg disc - rock and roll volume 2

Up to the present time, we have no extensive lists for Latin karaoke. With this in mind, we may start to list Latin karaoke discs should we get reliable lists. If you want to send in your Latin Karaoke lists, please contact us at this instant. Of course, give as much detail as possible. Obviously, we want disc ID numbers and song lists in PDF form. Moreover, we will only start these lists if there is a demand for them. This is because, although you can find them on the internet, they are pretty rare on the English ebay sites.

KSAxxx English CD+G Discs:

Karaoke Station KSA003 - Front CDG
Karaoke Station KSA005 - Front downloads
Karaoke Station KSA006 - Front CD+G

To Sum Up

If you can help with a review of these Karaoke Station discs then please do so. Obviously, you could help future karaoke collectors with their decisions to buy them. Likewise, if there are any missing, we would like to know. Obviously, we are basically speaking of missing discs with English tracks.

On the whole, our lists of Latin karaoke is small as we tend to concentrate on English karaoke only. However, If you have any other Latin karaoke lists, send them in. But, please check our karaoke manufacturers page first as we may already have them.

Karaoke Station Song Book Also

Finally, after members send their lists to us, we found many big name artists in there. So, we had to list them. Moreover, it was a pain sorting these. That is because we got many Latin discs in the list. However, we have filtered all those out. In short, click the link below for the full English songs from Karaoke Station.

View The Song Book

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