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To begin with, finding a karaoke firm that still makes karaoke discs or tracks these days is exciting. In short, Karaoke Version currently make karaoke tracks for downloading digitally. With this in mind, we are happy to advertise them. Furthermore, their range is extensive and have karaoke tracks that appeal to all. Indeed, some members of the Karaoke Shack team still shop at Karaoke Version. So, they must be happy with the company.

By and large, they make old music tracks into karaoke tracks. However, they do make karaoke versions of chart hits today as well. In brief, they cover all genres. Obviously, they have something for everyone. In fact, you can vote for songs that you would like to be karaoke versions.

Since Karaoke Version have a well designed website and releasing karaoke tracks regularly, we urge you to support the company. In other words, take a trip over to their website and buy your Karaoke Version tracks direct.

Karaoke Version For Disc Based Systems

In brief, computerised karaoke system users can add downloaded tracks to their hard drives and are good to go. However, the Karaoke Shack encourages the use of disc-based systems too. In fact, that is the best option for those wanting the very best sound. For example, karaoke jockeys that use professional karaoke discs with the best equipment, get the full dynamics of the sound. In other words, karaoke disc-based systems give a better sound. Indeed, we have an article on this subject.

So, for those who still use karaoke discs for gigging etc., you may have to burn your downloaded tracks. Of course, the Karaoke Shack has an article on this subject too.

Above all, ensure you download the best quality tracks. For example, if you have the choice of 128kbps, 192kbps or even 320kbps, always choose the highest number. This will also ensure that you extract the best sound from your downloads. Again, we have an article on this also. Just to point out, you can’t change 128kbps to 320kbps – this is impossible! So, take the best from the beginning. However, if you skip the article, it’s not such a big deal if you choose 128kbps downloads. But, we have to point out what is actually the best!

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Karaoke Version downloadable tracks
Not only is the Karaoke Version website easy to navigate, but it is extremely quick too. For example, we searched there for ‘Beatles’. Indeed, in a split second all the results appeared – over 12 pages! However, many were from Paul McCartney. In fact, there were tracks from John Lennon, Ringo Star and of course George Harrison within that search. Obviously, the Karaoke Version people know we could want a Beatles connection. With this in mind, it shows that the website has a good search engine.

Rate Karaoke Version

At this instant, the Karaoke Shack team invite you to make a full review of KV. Of course, we refer to the products from the Karaoke Version producers.
New karaoke or older karaoke is all produced by Karaoke Version - join the Karaoke Forum and let us know your views.

Karaoke-Version – digital downloads

For example, are the karaoke tracks musically good. Indeed, how do the on-screen lyrics sync? Also, how well do you think their website performs? Indeed, have you purchased any tracks from KV, and were they good or bad in your opinion? Just to point out that the Karaoke Shack team doesn’t give opinions. Generally speaking, we only allow members to comment on karaoke companies. This is because the Shack team will remain unbiased at all times. Indeed, this gives totally independent reviews.

Because the Karaoke Version still produce karaoke tracks then we will always promote them well. Indeed, we promote all current karaoke manufacturers. You can also promote them here by giving your opinions on the karaoke produced. However, you can also state if you have purchased anything from them that needs improvement.

Karaoke Version Song Book Also

Indeed, with the Karaoke Version company releasing karaoke songs every working day, it’s very difficult to keep up. However, we constantly update things ourselves. But, we are totally reliant on the members to send in their song lists. Indeed, we are particularly looking for monthly or even weekly releases in PDF form if available. So, please keep them coming. By and large, we may be a few weeks behind, however we do update things when we get new details.

In short, click the link below for the Karaoke Version song book.

View The Song Book

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