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Indeed, we have all the Karaokemaker Series here

Karaokemaker Series (Canadian Karaoke)

To begin with, this small collection of discs is from Canadian producers. Indeed, this is in print on the covers and discs. However, while we list these as Karaokemaker could it be they are really Karaoke Maker? Obviously, that is a logical idea. But, the discs clearly have karaokemaker.com on them. Also we have reliable information that the splash screens display this too. Be that as it may, the producers decided on this, so be it.
Karaokemaker - Vol 5 - Tragically Hip cover

Thanks also to the forum member who sent in the information regarding Karaokemaker. Although this list is old, we believe that there is no other discs available. This is because we saw that the website is non existent now. However, should there be more than nine discs available, we all want to know!

To clarify, here is a list of disc id numbers from the Karaokemaker Series:


To sum up

Karaokemaker - discs with headphones on
In general, smaller collections like this set are nice to own if you can get hold of them cheaply. However, if the karaoke collector is going to pursue them on the second-hand market, then a little homework is always good.
Should you also like to write a review on the Karaoke Maker Series then please do so. On the whole, it will help out fellow karaoke collectors and KJ’s. Indeed, that is what we are all about isn’t it?

Obviously, the karaoke discs in the list above and their ID numbers are correct. However, we previously listed these under the ‘Canada Karaoke‘ label. In brief, a member contacted us to tell of the error. But, we left that page as it is. In short, just to alert others who may have theirs wrongly labelled. Indeed, the Karaoke Shack is also good for cross referencing too! To sum up, we are still not sure if the intention was for these to have the title Karaoke Maker or Karaokemaker. So, information on this would be good.
Karaokemaker disc - Stomping Tom - Vol 1

Karaokemaker Song Book Also

Now that we have a lot of information about Karaoke Maker, we need the song titles. Indeed, the song book is on the next page. In brief, click the link below for the PDF file.

View The Song Book

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