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Karaoke Forum and Blogs - here we list the disc id numbers for the Kids Direct Karaoke

Indeed, here we review the Kids Direct Karaoke

Kids Direct Karaoke Series

To begin with, the Kids Direct Karaoke Series has ten discs in total. Also, as the name of the karaoke label suggests, these karaoke discs basically for the kids market. However, will the children like them?

Obviously, the main use for karaoke discs such as these would be schools and home use. However, kids need stimulus. With this in mind, a few kids songs is fine on certain occasions. However, anyone who has ever gigged at a children’s party knows it’s very difficult to please.

Kids Direct Karaoke - front cover KDK26942 - Christmas songs

Karaoke Forum and Blogs - here we list the disc id numbers for the Kids Direct Karaoke

To clarify, here is a list of all the disc id numbers from this series:


To sum up

Do you own or indeed still work with these Kids Direct Karaoke discs? In case you have any, would you be willing to write a review of them? Also, are the on-screen lyrics syncing with the music OK and what is the musical quality like?
Kids Direct Karaoke - singing children
All in all, what is actually on the discs?

In essence, karaoke collectors the world over like value for money. However, most are unwilling to purchase discs with unknown content. Likewise, without any information as to the quality of the audio and graphics, many people may overlook these. After all, there are plenty of other kids karaoke discs as shown here. Obviously, there is a lot of kids karaoke discs. However, it would still be good to have a little write up from someone on these here.

Kids Direct Karaoke - disc label KDK26942 - Christmas songs
All things considered, children should have access to karaoke. After all, music is the international language. What better way to communicate with others than through music. Obviously, we can see in the list above, the Kids Direct Karaoke label contains ten discs. In this case, for some families, owning this set may be the only kids karaoke discs they will ever need. However, after a search we couldn’t find any at all.
With this in mind, if you do intend to hunt them down, good luck from the team at the Karaoke Shack.

Kids Direct Karaoke Song Book Also

So, what is exactly on these discs? Well we have a full track listing on the next page to explain this. Indeed, we list all the songs on the above karaoke discs. In short, click the link below to access the PDF file.

View The Song Book

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