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Indeed, this is the KJ Tools Karaoke Series reviews page

KJ Tools Karaoke Series (KJT)

Here is another collection of karaoke discs from a producer with various connections. By and large, the name of the label is certainly weird for discs that contain karaoke tracks. However, the KJ Tools Karaoke Series are from the A-Major Music Karaoke Series people.

All in all, there are some good sounds from that stable. But we have not heard of this karaoke label before. Further investigation is necessary and a possible write up by individuals who have used the discs.

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Indeed, our forum members sent their song books for this KJ Tools Karaoke series. With all the discs running in sequence, it was also an easy task to keep things in order. Not only did members send their disc identity prefixes, but also the song lists. So, we now have a reliable list. Furthermore, the KJ Tools stopped production. So, the catalogue we have will not change.

To clarify, here are the disc ID’s from KJ Tools Karaoke.

kj toolks karaoke series - hammer microphone

At this point, we need to say that the KJ Tools Karaoke Series has links to others. Indeed, they have a connection with the following karaoke labels:

To sum up

KJ Tools Karaoke Series - KTJ07 Label - revews discs song lists
We would still like a review of the KJ Tools karaoke discs. So, if you still have them or use them, why not write a few lines here. Of course, this will help future karaoke collectors make up their minds. Obviously whether to look for them on places like ebay might come down to a review of these discs. As a matter of fact, seasoned karaoke disc collectors will surely hunt this set down regardless. In other words, they will not want a unique set of 12 discs to pass them by.
By the same token, should they get a good write up, others will seek them out as well. Therefore, your opinions matter!

As these are all part of a bigger karaoke group, then we suspect they will sound OK. But that’s up to the members who write a review. What is important is getting value for money od course. So, a small write up now will ensure many more karaoke disc collectors will benefit in the future.

KJ Tools Karaoke Song Book Also

We indeed do have a complete track listing for the KJ Tools Karaoke Series. However, if you do buy some because of the information here, let us know. Obviously, your opinions count.

In short, to reach the song list, just click the link below.

KJ Tools Karaoke Series - KTJ12 Label

View The Song Book

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One Response to KJ Tools Karaoke Series

  1. ctlw83 says:

    I got the KJT set as a Christmas gift from my mother.

    A great majority of the tracks are decent-good quality. The vocals tend to be pretty spot on and the background music is spot on. Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead or Alive is a great example of one of the higher quality tracks in this set.

    85% of what I have listened to is great quality

    5% of the songs seemed to be at a slower tempo/
    5% of the songs had some hiccups in the lyrics but, didn’t make them unreadable or anything.
    5% were AWFUL and Unusable. Bob Seager’s Turn the Page, a track by The Beach Boys, and several others are unusable. They are almost MIDI quality and have no backup vocals.

    Some of the tracks were clearly labeled as Ameri-Sing tracks and I believe at least 2 of the unusable tracks were labeled as such. So, this does appear to be, at least partially, a compilation. In fact, when pulling the track information for discs as I converted them, at least 1 disc came back with meta data as a Supercore disc.

    Overall, I would say that the 12 disc KJ Tools set, which is available for under $20 on Amazon and elsewhere, is a decent buy. A KJ will have to weed through the tracks in order to find the unusable ones and to note the tracks that need to be adjusted for pitch or tempo.

    I haven’t gone through all of the tracks and am basing this on the ones I have gone through. Although, I think I have gone through around half of the tracks.

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