Laughing Gnome Karaoke Series

Laughing Gnome Karaoke discs are listed here on the Karaoke Shack. You can comment here or in the forum on these discs.

Indeed, here we have the Laughing Gnome Karaoke reviews page

Laughing Gnome Karaoke Series

To begin with, this karaoke disc set has tracks neglected by the bigger karaoke companies. The labels also say “Missing Hits”, so that is clearly telling us what their niche is. In brief, hats off to the makers for doing these discs. Just to point out, how many times have you found the same karaoke track on various karaoke disc labels? By and large, this happens regularly, but not with Laughing Gnome Karaoke. Indeed, Laughing Gnome Karaoke stepped in where others failed to do so!

At the present time, we have a list of the disc ID’s but no other information about anything else. The staff at the Karaoke Shack think that these discs are the work of a one man band. In essence, one person and a keyboard perhaps? However, karaoke music rules regardless! Moreover, this set is well worth looking for because the songs have no cover version elsewhere. Consequently, these discs are an important addition to the world of karaoke. In fact, we go as far as saying they are legendary!
Laughing Gnome Karaoke Disc LGK001 label

Significantly, one of our karaoke forum members had some of these discs. Although it looks like one was missing from the set.

To clarify, here is the complete list of Laughing Gnome Karaoke discs:

LGKxxx series:


To Sum Up

Just to point out that the list has a missing disc because we have had no confirmation of its existence. However, there is a possibility that there was a disc number LGK005 and that the list we got was incomplete.

It could also be that the anonymous member did not have that disc. If you can shed light on the subject then we want to know.

Laughing Gnome Karaoke disc series - electric guitar

In effect, you can write a small review of the disc series and let us know of the musical quality. Also, what is the state of the on-screen lyrics. Also, is it possible to get a hold of these karaoke discs? For one thing, with such a small collection like this, avid karaoke collectors will want them. Better still, do you have the physical discs and would you like to tell us what they are like? In particular, how do they look and sound. Obviously, from this information, karaoke collectors can make sound choices. Indeed, you may even influence others to seek them out and buy them.

Laughing Gnome Karaoke Disc LGK002
Indeed, the staff here missed out on discs like these while we were gigging. However, they are available on the second-hand market. So, look out for them.

Finally, well done to the team (or individual) who made the Laughing Gnome Karaoke Series. Obviously, they put their heart into the project, and for that, credit is due. As a result, Laughing Gnome Karaoke discs have their own page in history, forever.

Laughing Gnome Karaoke Song Book Also

Due to the recent interest in the Laughing Gnome Karaoke Series, we managed to get hold of the song list. So, not only do we have the disc identity, we have the actual presence of the discs maker! Also, we now have the full track listing. Obviously, one day we would hope that the ‘missing’ disc would actually become a reality. In short, click the link below for the new song list for the Laughing Gnome Karaoke set.

View The Song Book

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3 Responses to Laughing Gnome Karaoke Series

  1. GnomeKaraoke says:

    Hi, I am the guy behind Laughing Gnome Karaoke, the company unfortunately no longer exists.
    As you rightly put I was a one man band, a KJ that kept getting requests for songs not available on karaoke so decided to do something about it and set up a karaoke company.
    The initial couple of discs were ropey at first, trying to source a decent supplier for backing tracks, but eventually I found a great company and the quality got better.
    Also the graphics on the first couple of discs although readable, and useable looking back the swipes are not how I would have them now if I could redo them, but this was down to me getting used to the software.
    There was no discs 5 as I was unable to get the licensing rights to some of the tracks I wanted to release and at the time the way licensing worked it was easier to shelve the disc and move on to the next one.
    All the available discs were licensed through MCPS so were all legal.
    So without being biased I would say like all manufacturers there are some decent quality tracks in the set but there are also some clunkers aswell.

    Track Listing is available but it won’t let me copy and paste it!

    • GnomeKaraoke says:

      Also forgot to mention, as your picture shows David Bowie, this was how the company got it’s name, my karaoke party piece is Laughing Gnome by David Bowie so when looking for a name and logo it was a no brainer!!

  2. Jacky says:

    Thanks for the information GnomeKaraoke.
    Good to see your input in the karaoke field.
    It would be nice to see the track listings for your work as we have sorted the fault with the copy and paste.

    Also, have you any future plans to create more karaoke in the future?

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