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Indeed, this is the Magic Tracks Karaoke reviews page

Magic Tracks Karaoke

To begin with, this label produced two karaoke discs that we are aware of. In essence, there was an Elvis Presley karaoke CD and one of those Cavs Super CD’s. However, the Super CD has 1208 karaoke tracks. Also, we found the Magic Tracks Super CD Karaoke disc in many places around the internet. In fact, the prices were ranging from $15 to over $100! In this case, that equates to £9.40 and over £65.00 respectively. However, we feel those silly prices are a little high. Obviously there are a lot of karaoke tracks on them but the price is still too high!

Magic Tracks Karaoke super cd+g plays on cavs players

One point we must not overlook is that these karaoke discs are basically Sweet Georgia Brown. Furthermore, this only cane to light after we put this article online. Because of this, we will leave the page up. Therefore, read this in conjunction with the Sweet Georgia Brown pages. Indeed, do this to avoid duplicating your karaoke tracks. Due to our experience in the past, we suspect all the karaoke songs on the Super CD to be dupes. In effect, they may be from the main Sweet Georgia Brown series.

Quality Not As Good?

Karaoke forums and blogs. Here we list the few Magic Tracks Karaoke discs that were released.

The Shack also lists the Magic Tracks Karaoke discs

Another key point to remember is that there are over 1200 songs on this one CDG. With this in mind, the quality can’t be as good as a normal CDG. This is because to cram that amount of songs on a disc where normally you would have a few songs. Therefore, quality might not be as good.
So, although they will sound reasonably decent, their bitrate can’t be as high as that from a professional karaoke disc. Since, the Karaoke Shack always promotes high quality karaoke sound systems, we wouldn’t recommend for gigs. But, they do have their uses.

So, the disc id numbers for Magic Tracks karaoke are:

MJTRX002 – Elvis Presley
MTSCDG Super CD 0001-1208 tracks

To Sum Up

Obviously, in the image above, we see the Magic Tracks super CD has Sweet Georgia Brown on the label. Also, the super CD will not play on normal karaoke players. In effect, you will need a CAVS player or an RSQ machine to play it. Should you have any further information about the Magic Tracks Karaoke Series then why not register and tell us. In brief, write a few lines telling us of the quality of these discs. Indeed, tell us of any experiences you have with them.
Magic Tracks Karaoke - neon sign red and blue

Also, we are looking to find other discs in the Magic Tracks set because the Elvis Presley one starts MJTRX002. Indeed, that might be a clue that MJTRX001 possibly exists! In this case, we are reliant on feedback from the members. So, if you have the original discs, let others know about the quality etc. Then, the members of our unique karaoke club will have a clear idea whether to buy the discs or not.

Magic Tracks Karaoke Song Book Also

We do indeed have a full track listing for the Magic Tracks Karaoke Super CD. However, comments are suggesting this Magic Tracks Super CD contains the entire 68 Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke discs. Indeed, once we realised that it was from the SGB stable, this became obvious. Moreover, this page was here long before we got the information.

Furthermore, we have not included the songs for the Elvis disc spoke about above. This is because, we now understand that this disc is indeed really Magic Trax. Also it has nothing to do with Magic Tracks Karaoke or indeed SGB.

Be that as it may, some people will still buy this Super CD. With this in mind, click the link below for the full song list.

View The Song Book

Finally, register with us and have your say!

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3 Responses to Magic Tracks Karaoke

  1. jomarch says:

    Magic Trax is an independant label that has only 3 disks filled with Elvis songs.

    Not to confuse with Magic Tracks set which countains all 68 Sweet Georgia Brown disks

  2. Jacky says:

    Are you saying that the karaoke disc label here is wrong?
    Should it be called Magic Trax and not Magic Tracks?

    This needs to be confirmed because nobody at the Shack knows anything about this particular label.

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