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Indeed, this is the Master Tone Karaoke review page

Master Tone Karaoke Series

To begin with, we list the nine karaoke discs sent in by an anonymous member. In effect though, we have very little information. This is because we were only got the disc identity and a few scraps of info. However, the song lists did come our way. In essence, the only other piece of information we have is that they say ‘Licensed By TRC Music The Netherlands’ on the splash screen. However, other than that, we have nothing else.

Indeed, we usually request an image of the covers or a label. In this case, we have seen no actual proof of a physical disc.
Here we list the Master Tone Karaoke discs
However, the original owner of the list may have downloaded tracks from an internet based firm. Furthermore, can people gain access to these tracks again? In other words, are they still for sale elsewhere? If you know more information about Master Tone Karaoke, then let us all know.

To clarify things, here is the disc identities for Master Tone Karaoke:


To Sum Up

In the above list, there are indeed a few gaps in this collection. So, possibly MT5025, MT5028, MT5029 and others areĀ  available but the owner of the list didn’t buy those discs. Also, we could find no reference to this series anywhere on the web. So, maybe its a one man band and his Casio keyboard.

Obviously, we are in the dark.

Master tone karaoke - lady in red

By and large, this is where you can help us all out. Obviously, at the Karaoke Shack our aim is to help karaoke collectors to make decisions. However, we rely mainly on other karaoke disc collectors to submit information. With this in mind, members can post their opinions of these tracks and discs right here. In particular, tell us about your experience with these discs. Indeed, tell us whether you recommend them to others.

All in all, your opinion on the quality of the Master Tone Karaoke discs counts a lot. For example, what is the music quality like? Moreover, are the on-screen graphics good. Finally, are have the name Master Tone with a space or MasterTone without a space? That is obviously not a major issue, but we clarify these details while we are on the subject.

Master Tone Karaoke Song Book Also

While we are on the subject of fine detail, lets us move on to the song list. Indeed, we can only post the song list for those discs that we have in the list above. In short, click the link below to access the MasterTone Karaoke track listing.

View The Song Book

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