Mega CDG Karaoke Song Book

Mega CDG Karaoke Song Book - track lists - download song lists

Indeed, this is the Mega CDG Karaoke Song Book


Mega CDG Karaoke Song Book

Obviously, this list includes all the tracks available from this karaoke set. Since, Mega CDG stopped making karaoke, the list will not change. So, inspect the Mega CDG Karaoke Song Book and if you want them, go for them. As previously noted, a member says they were OK. Indeed, that’s good enough for the team here at the Karaoke Shack.

However, your views count, not ours. This is also why we leave all reviews up to the members. In short, we prefer all independent views, rather than have a website dictate! With this in mind, if you buy this set on account of the Mega CDG Karaoke Song Book, tell us. Indeed, use this song list page together with the Mega CDG Karaoke reviews and disc ID page.

On the whole, this is the sort of thing that karaoke disc collectors love. That is of course, a complete collection from one maker. However, before you take the plunge, please remember about karaoke song duplicates. Indeed, many karaoke disc collectors in the past have built up massive collections in their garages and lofts. This is because, although they really wanted a decent collection of karaoke discs, many were dupes. So, they tended to stick by a few of the big named brands. Indeed, one of team at the Karaoke Shack was like this. In fact, he had a garage so full of karaoke discs, his car couldn’t get in!

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