Megahits Karaoke Series

The biggest karaoke forum got bigger. Here at the Karaoke Shack we list the Megahits Karaoke discs

Indeed, here is the Megahits Karaoke reviews page

Megahits Karaoke Series

Firstly, this small set of discs doesn’t whet our appetite one bit. But they may have some appeal to the avid collector. This is because the four discs in this set, are identical to karaoke discs from the All Hits Karaoke Series. However, the Megahits karaoke series do have their own splash screen. This collection would obviously appeal to those looking for rare disc labels as part of their collection. However, others will see them as a waste of space. So, this set of discs clearly have their own identity.

In the long run, our advice would be to avoid this Megahits set. We also suggest concentrating on the All Hits Series to avoid these dupes. In fact, one of the team here at the Karaoke Shack believes these are fake, home-made tracks. With this in mind, we leave other opinions to the members.

To clarify, here is the list of disc id’s from the Megahits Karaoke Series, complete with their AKA counterparts:

MG01 Aka AH8013
MG02 Aka AH8014
MG03 Aka AH8012
MG04 Aka AH8011
Megahits Karaoke Series - colourful musical notes

To Sum Up

In general, if you are looking for a rare karaoke label to add to your collection, this is ideal. However, if you are collecting as many individual karaoke tracks as possible without wanting duplicates, take this series off your shopping list. Of course, this only applies if you are collecting the All Hits series! Of course, tell us about any information necessary for this small set of ‘discs’.
Megahits Karaoke Series - aka all hits karaoke - female singer cartoon

Finally, if you have the Megahits Karaoke discs, then why not write a small review for future karaoke collectors? For instance, have they any other appeal which we don’t know about? Indeed, we have reliable information to say they have their own splash screens. But, what else are we all missing here?

Megahits Karaoke Song List Also

Due to the fact that these Megahits have their own splash screen, we do have a song list for them. However, as we previously said, just why anyone would want these is a mystery. Of course, you may know better? In short, click the link below for the track listing for Megahits Karaoke.

View The Song Book

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