Megavox Karaoke Song Book

Megavox Karaoke Song Book - track lists - download song books

Indeed, this is the Megavox Karaoke Song Book


Megavox Karaoke Song Book

Firstly, Megavox Karaoke label released just a few discs. However the Megavox Karaoke Song Book is two pages long. Indeed, check it out and see if there are some rare karaoke tracks there. Obviously if you like what you see, keep an eye out for them when they crop up on the internet. However, because they are obscure karaoke discs, finding them on places like ebay might prove difficult. But, they will appear somewhere and you will know if you should buy them.

Further to the Megavox Karaoke song Book file above, check out the main Megavox page for more information. In fact, if you do manage to grab hold of these karaoke discs, let us all know how they perform. Obviously your input will help other karaoke fans. This is because we all need information on anything before we buy. In this case, most karaoke jockeys and home karaoke users don’t like too many duplicated tracks. Obviously, its a different story if they are better quality than they already have!

Rare Karaoke Discs Indeed

Due to the fact that not many people we spoke to have heard of Megavox Karaoke, it got us thinking. Indeed, how many more rare sets of karaoke discs are there out there. The Karaoke Shack, in fact, has a massive Karaoke Directory to start with. Obviously, if you know of any other rare karaoke discs or manufacturers we have no record of, let us know. Moreover, we would require disc identity numbers and the track listing.


Finally, join in with us and don’t forget to comment. Indeed, every time you supply information about karaoke, you are helping others. Also, there is a massive karaoke forum for all, click the tab above. Obviously, you can chat about anything under the sun there.

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