Megavox Karaoke Series

The Karaoke Shack with its bigger fora now provides a blog with disc id numbers. Megavox karaoke discs can be discussed on the forum or blogs. Just register first!

Indeed, this is the Megavox Karaoke series

Megavox Karaoke Series

To begin with, this is just a small label that have released a handful of discs. However, we all appreciate karaoke. In fact, it’s because of the efforts by all karaoke makers that our world is a whole lot better. With this in mind, the Megavox Karaoke series have contributed to our community too. So, we say thank you to the people behind the firm. Obviously, they have their own identity. Indeed the label shows this.
Megavox Karaoke Disc - MV2003
Megavox karaoke series cdg disc logo
Generally speaking, when the Karaoke Shack asked members to send in their karaoke disc identities, we got many surprises. Indeed, the Megavox Karaoke Series was one such surprise. This is because none of the staff had ever heard of it.
Obviously there was more surprises than this. However, to this date we still have not got anyone to actually review this small karaoke label. In fact, we only had one reply to the shout for information. But, we did manage to get the disc identities and a song list (below).

To clarify, here is a list of Megavox disc ID numbers from a forum member:

Megahits UK Karaoke
Megavox MV20xx Karaoke Series
Odd Disc


** We also believe that Megavox supplied utilities too. For example, a bingo game together with other utilities for gigs ie quiz night etc.

To Sum Up

Megavox Karaoke MVUK002 - Cover - CDG - song books
By and large, we would appreciate a small review of the Megavox discs listed above. In other words, if you have the physical discs, let us know. Indeed, even if you have had any experience of them, please consider telling us all. Thus, we want to know what they sound like.  Obviously, we all need to know what the graphics are like too. For example, are there any timing issues with the on-screen lyrics and the music?

Also, if you are aware of other discs by Megavox Karaoke, then contact us. Obviously, we will add them to our list. However, try and send an image of a label too. This is because we need to see some sort of physical identity.

Finally, have the Megavox Karaoke discs got any connection with other karaoke labels? In any event, register and give us your thoughts and opinions on this set. In due time, someone somewhere will get the chance to buy these karaoke discs. With this in mind, your opinions could influence their decisions. Indeed, this is why the Karaoke Shack exists – to help karaoke collectors to make sound choices! However, be aware that only members can comment, the team remains unbiased at all times.
Megavox karaoke series - male singer with microphone and musical notes

Megavox Karaoke Song Book Also

Since we have identified the discs by Megavox Karaoke, it helps to have the song list from them. Indeed, we managed to compile this too. So, click the link below to inspect the Megavox Karaoke song list.
Megavox karaoke mv2002 - cdg disc cover

View The Song Book

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