Membership details - benefits at the Karaoke Shack

Indeed, there are different membership levels at the Karaoke Shack

Logged in members experience a quicker website, also no adverts.

Which Membership Do You Need?

To begin with, anyone can become a member here at the Karaoke Shack. However, we have many different levels. Indeed, each level has their own individual requirements. So, lets examine the different types of membership:

Basic Member

Firstly, basic membership allows you to see or access a small amount of things that ordinary visitors can’t. Indeed, basic members become subscribers and can post news items on the blog. For example, you may have some interesting karaoke news and wish to share it with the karaoke world. However, for a trial period we are allowing any visitor to submit a post. But those are subject to moderation to stop spambots. Also, members can post comments on blog posts too which ordinary visitors can’t do.

Not only is the Karaoke Shack a karaoke and music news website, but we welcome new karaoke products. For instance, you might wish to advertise your new karaoke product on our site. Indeed, we have a few guidelines to help you succeed here. However, be aware, of our spam policy!

Also, from time to time basic members will get the odd email with karaoke news on the Shack. Basic membership costs nothing whatsoever and is the most widely available type of membership on sites such as ours. So, basic membership is good for the majority. This is because it helps you keep up to date with things. With this in mind, if you would like the basic membership, you can sign up on most pages.

Friend of the Karaoke Shack

Obviously, the title of this membership says it all, you basically show your support for our site. Friends of the Karaoke Shack, indeed have all the benefits of the Basic Membership. In reality, you become a sleeping partner. Obviously, to gain the status of ‘Friend of the Karaoke Shack’ you make a fixed donation. At the present time, this is £9.99.

The benefits of becoming a friend of the Karaoke Shack are many. For example, you can have up to five free karaoke song lists free of charge. Obviously, all are the same as what you see in the Karaoke Directory. In addition, all other downloads on site are all 75% off once you become a friend of the website.

A Friend of the Karaoke Shack is able to advise us on certain things too. In fact, a Friend of the Karaoke Shack can also can interact with us much better. In other words, a friend of the site has much more say. Indeed they have a much bigger interest in the site. Therefore, a Friend of the Karaoke Shack is almost like a sleeping partner, in effect. Friends of the Karaoke Shack also get special status on the massive Karaoke Forum too.

This type of ‘friendly’ membership is often available to silent members who just appreciate a website. Although it is our hobby, it is also expensive to run. Therefore, friendly members that donate, help keep the website up and running.

Friend of the Karaoke Shack £9.99 per year

VIP Membership

Indeed, the VIP Membership has all the benefits of the above memberships. However, VIP Members get priority over everything else. Indeed, VIP Members have access to every karaoke song list we have on the Karaoke Shack. In addition, VIP’s get up to 2,500 pages of their own tailor-made song books. Obviously, they are premium print quality.

The donations for VIP Membership is high to begin with. However, after one year it becomes on par with ‘Friends of the Karaoke Shack’. In addition though, the benefits of VIP Membership remain.

Further to the information above on VIP Memberships, there is a lot more info here.

VIP Membership £24.99 per year

Karaoke Forum Members

Ordinary members of the Karaoke Shack Forum are indeed not necessarily members of the Karaoke Shack Blog. Obviously, vice versa. Indeed, some Karaoke Forum members may not have any connection to karaoke whatsoever. Some people just like to have a good natter and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we encourage freedom of speech. Think of the Karaoke Forum as a separate entity, however, they can interact from time to time.

Membership at the Karaoke Shack does not give you automatic access to the Karaoke Forum, but you may join both. In fact, donating members can have special status on the forum if they join in there. Unless members of the Karaoke Forum join in here at the Karaoke Blogs, they have no status here at all. In other words, they are two separate sites, but some members like the membership benefits of both.

To Sum Up Memberships

As previously noted, the Free Basic Memberships suits most people. However, there are occasions when other types of membership suit. Obviously, we are promoting some donation type memberships. With this in mind, they help to help keep the website online for future karaoke collectors. Indeed, many people are constantly visiting for information and cross referencing purposes. So, we leave the type of membership you are after down to you. Fully paid up members of the Karaoke Shack will also see less bumph in the sidebars. Thus, making the site load far quicker.

Finally, you may donate any amount here without becoming a member.


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