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Indeed, this is the Memorex Karaoke reviews page

Memorex Karaoke Series (MX)

To begin with, is it live or is it Memorex? Indeed, this used to be a slogan of Memorex. Moreover, it is pretty catchy too. However, on the Karaoke Shack, we have an interest in their karaoke discs. They didn’t make too many karaoke discs, but we respect all karaoke producers for any attempt.
Memorex karaoke pop hits 6 multiplex cdg
On the whole, the company still makes lots of products, but they haven’t made karaoke discs for a while. However, they still make karaoke disc players as well as microphones etc. So, they still provide for the karaoke market. Obviously we appreciate this.

When we set out to provide a platform for Memorex Karaoke, we didn’t realise it was so popular. However, some people still use the discs. With this in mind, we received a lot of information about their karaoke releases. So, we list the Memorex Karaoke discs with prefixes that karaoke jockeys use. Also, we list the disc title, thanks to a forum member. However, we have the full song list for these too. Indeed, click the link below.

To clarify, here is a complete list of all the karaoke id numbers we are aware of:

MXCG01 – Country Greats 1
MXCG02 – Country Greats 2
MXCH – Classic Hits (3 Disc Set)
MXCOH05 – Country Hits 5
MXCOH06 – Country Hits 6
MXDEMO – Demonstration Disc
MXFG01 – Female Greats I
MXFMPH05 – Female Pop Hits Vol
MXFMPH06 – Female Pop Hits Vol
MXFPH – Favourite Pop Hits (3 Disc Set)
MXHH – Holiday Hits
MXLE1 – Latin Explosion I
MXLE2 – Latin Explosion II
MXMG01 – Male Greats I
MXMG02 – Male Greats II
MXPH01 – Party Hits I
MXPWH01 – Power Hits I
MXPWH02 – Power Hits II
MXPWH05 – Power Hits V
MXPWH06 – Power Hits VI
MXRB02 – Rythm & Blues Hits II
MXUPH – Ultimate Party Hits (3 Disc Set)
Memorex Karaoke MXMG01 - Front - Male Greats 1 - Karaoke Song Books For Sale
Memorex Karaoke MXPWH01 - Front - Power Hits - Karaoke Song Lists Available For Download
Memorex Karaoke MXUPH - Box - Front - Ultimate Party - CD+G song list downloads

To Sum Up

Memorex karaoke systems - home recording studio - TV, monitos and microphone
By and large, we could not see the Memorex Karaoke Series online anywhere. Obviously, this was when we checked. However, we expect them to crop up from time to time. But, they still produce those small home karaoke disc players. These home karaoke systems, as we know, will never sound too good. This is obviously in comparison to a dedicated karaoke bar or club system. Indeed, see them as basically a kids play toy.
However, if this sort of gadget helps to ease people into the karaoke world, that’s fine.

Obviously, if you have any of the Memorex Karaoke discs, we would like to know about the quality of them. In short, register on our site and let us know your experiences with these discs. In fact, future karaoke disc collectors will appreciate any input about these discs. Indeed, you can do your bit for the karaoke community. Of course, the team at the Karaoke Shack would love this information too. In particular, we all would like to know whether the music quality and graphics are fine.
Memorex karaoke discs - party hits 4
For instance, are these discs suitable to play at a gig or are they only good enough for personal use? By and large, all your input is welcome by all on the karaoke scene. This is because, we can all make better decisions through independent reviews.

By and large, keep buying the new discs but never forget the older ones that brought us so much fun. Indeed, vote for your favourite. But above all make a comment if you are able to do so.

Memorex Karaoke Song Book Also

Because we have the list of karaoke discs above, we need the track listing for them. Indeed, we have made this available for cross referencing. Moreover, if you do buy some, let us know. In short, click the link below.

View The Song Book

Finally, why not bookmark us for future reference!

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