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Indeed, this is the Nashville Star Karaoke – American Idol Series

Nashville Star Karaoke Series (American Idol)

Firstly, this series comes from the television series by the same name. Moreover, this is country karaoke. Indeed, we found plenty of the Nashville Star Karaoke discs for sale on the internet. The prices we saw were still holding steady and not cheap. However, we only looked once and indeed prices tend to fluctuate.

Most adverts were from sources in the USA but there were some from the UK too. In fact, there are many country karaoke discs on the market.

Nashville Star Karaoke N0125 - Front CDG

With this in mind, it’s always best to do your homework first. So, the the popularity of the TV show has possibly kept the prices of these discs above average. However, there are undoubtedly many bargains on the second-hand market if you search correctly. But, watch out for discs in poor condition.

In the first place, we asked members to supply their disc id numbers. Indeed, we received this information from many members. From this, we managed to compile a reliable song book Also.

Here is a list of all the Nashville Star Karaoke Series so far:


** Due to lack of information, we assume ‘not released’.

Nashville Star Karaoke N0115 - Front - download KJ song books
Nashville Star Karaoke N0119 - Front - CD+G
Nashville Star Karaoke N0122 - Label - Karaoke song book downloads

To sum up

Nashville Star Karaoke competition
Of course, disc numbers N0120 and N0121 are missing from the lists that members sent to us. In this case, maybe the owners of those collections made a mistake or didn’t have the discs. Obviously, it may even be that they were not release. Indeed, sometimes a karaoke label skips a disc or two. Also, checking for these discs online show us that the discs come in various ‘volumes’. So some KJ’s may use a different disc id codes?

Finally, we are sure that there will be a few people out there who can give us more information about the Nashville Star Karaoke Series – American Idol discs. We would also be grateful for a small review of the brand. For example, what is the quality of the music like? Also, how are the graphics performing? Obviously, this information will ensure any future karaoke collector has some information to go on. Indeed, before purchasing any of these country karaoke discs, we all need to know the state of play. That is because, with so many country karaoke discs on the market, we all want value for money.

As previously noted, all thoughts of all karaoke discs at the Shack, are totally independent. Indeed, every opinion comes from members only and not connected to our team.

Nashville Star Karaoke Series - American Idol - the Karaoke Shack Forum & Blogs welcomes old and new members

Nashville Star Karaoke Song Book Also

So, what are the tracks on the Nashville Star Karaoke label? Obviously, click the link below to see the entire track listing. In essence it is the Nashville Star song book.

View The Song Book

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