National Singing Championship Karaoke

National Singing Championship Karaoke or Contest. We discuss all karaoke matters either on the forum or the blogs now.

Indeed, this is the National Singing Championship Karaoke

National Singing Championship Karaoke Series

Firstly, these karaoke discs can be knows as National Singing Championship Karaoke or National Singing Contest Karaoke. However, talk about duplicate karaoke discs though! This is because here is a prime example. In fact, these NSC Karaoke discs are Sound Choice karaoke discs from the SC8xxx & SC9xxx Series etc. Indeed, we list their AKA numbers too. See the sample image which shows the aka number too, albeit in tiny figures!
National Singing Championships Karaoke NSC2000-10 aka SC8033 - Sound Choice clones

In brief though, these discs have a separate market with their own identity. However, the discs do make it know they are indeed Sound Choice Karaoke. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you know they are one of the SC packs. Given these points, the karaoke collector needs to know these things in order to prevent them duplicating their collections.

For example, say a collector saw this collection on ebay as National Singing Championship Karaoke. Consequently, they think the discs are unique. Then when they get them, realise they have a handful of dupes. Not a nice situation indeed.

By and large, if you have these tracks on Sound Choice discs, why bother with these? There may be other differences apart from the labels, so if you have these discs, tell us!

To clarify, here is a list of National Singing Championship Karaoke we have know of:

NSC1999 Series
NSC2000 Series
NSC Logo
NSC0991 aka SC9901
NSC0992 aka SC9902
NSC0993 aka SC9903
NSC0994 aka SC9904
NSC0995 aka SC9905
NSC0996 aka SC9906
NSC0997 aka SC9907
NSC0998 aka SC9908
NSC2000-01 aka SC8024
NSC2000-02 aka SC8025
NSC2000-03 aka SC8026
NSC2000-04 aka SC8027
NSC2000-05 aka SC8028
NSC2000-06 aka SC8029
NSC2000-07 aka SC8030
NSC2000-08 aka SC8031
NSC2000-09 aka SC8032
NSC2000-10 aka SC8033
national singing championship karaoke - banner

To Sum Up

On the whole, this series has separate disc ID’s and separate labels but are basically duplications. In other words – a re-branding. However, what came first, the chicken or the egg. In other words, at this time, we don’t know if these discs came from the SC with the new name. In contrast, did the NSC come first and then added to the SC catalogue?

Obviously all other information about these discs is welcome. We are also not publishing a song list for these. This is because, of two reasons. Firstly, it would waste our time. Secondly, you are easily able cross reference them on the Sound Choice song book here.
National Singing Championship Karaoke lady in red singing on microphone

Finally, take a look at our Karaoke Forum – everyone is welcome. In fact, when we say everyone, that’s exactly what we mean!

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