New Karaoke Discs For February 2015

Many karaoke manufacturers come and go but Sunfly are still here. Buy your Sunfly karaoke discs and tracks today.

SF348: Sunfly are still releasing great quality karaoke discs. Pop over to Sunfly now also download your karaoke sounds today.

New karaoke discs are available to download from all the current manufacturers. Keep music live and buy karaoke tracks today.

BHK060Big Hits Karaoke are still releasing quality karaoke – please visit their website and download the ones you like too.

All the following karaoke producers have released new discs in February 2015 - Sunfly, Zoom, Mr Entertainer and Big Hits Karaoke

ZPCP028: Zoom karaoke discs are one of the best labels around, indeed, buy directly from their website.

Mr Entertainer is still one of the best karaoke labels and are still making karaoke discs - buy their downloads today from their own website.

Mr Entertainer Hits Series volume 126 released in February 2015 – buy it today – MRH128 karaoke disc

Here are the New Karaoke Discs For February 2015 too. Indeed, all these karaoke makers have a current website. In fact, you can look them up and if you like the tracks – buy them as a downloadable item direct

Sunfly Hits Volume 348 which is listed as SF348.
Mr Entertainer Chart Hits volume 128 which is listed as MRH126
Big Hits Karaoke volume 60 which is listed as BHK060
Zoom Pop Chart Hits volume 28 which is listed as ZPCP028

Full details and the track listings are all listed in the forum.

To Sum Up The New Karaoke Discs For February 2015

Firstly, if you know of any other karaoke discs released in February 2015 not here please let us know.

We are aware that other karaoke producers are still making new karaoke tracks. If you know this months individual karaoke track releases by the SBI or Buy Karaoke Downloads etc., we would like to know also.

All in all, The Karaoke Shack we will always promote current karaoke manufacturers and producers. New Karaoke discs are being produces less nowadays and because digital downloads are becoming more popular we have dedicated a whole page to suitable burners that should enable you to write the downloadable karaoke tracks onto a CD. Finally, if you are going to burn a karaoke disc, check the karaoke compatibility list here.

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