Omnibus Karaoke Series

The Karaoke Shack discusses the Omnibus Karaoke discs

Indeed, this is the Omnibus Karaoke reviews page

Omnibus Karaoke Series

Firstly, this is a small, rather unknown label from Omnibus Karaoke that made a few English karaoke discs. To illustrate, they have on their jewel boxes “Omnibus records and tapes. Since when did the shops last sell tapes?

They also have displayed on their labels ‘Arbiter’. Indeed, on a few there is, “all recordings licensed from Essential Karaoke LTD”.

Omnibus Karaoke OM22844 - Label song list downloads at the Shack
Of course, the Omnibus Karaoke label has its own identity. In this case, it would be reasonable to suggest that the tracks on Omnibus karaoke discs are also on Easy-Essential discs?

Secondly, some Omnibus discs have 20 tracks, some 18 and some have 16 tracks. Indeed, those are the ones that have with-vocal tracks. However, some discs come without vocal tracks and just a handful of songs.

To clarify, here is the list of Omnibus Karaoke disc ID’s we have so far:

Omnibus Karaoke OM23963 - Front -song book downloads
Omnibus Karaoke OM24681 - Front CD+G
Omnibus Karaoke OM29238 - Back CDG

To Sum Up

Obviously, we will add to the above list if we confirm there are other discs not on the list. However, we do know that Omnibus did make foreign discs too. But, at Karaoke Shack, we are mainly concentrating on English karaoke discs.

Should you have any of these Omnibus discs and would like to give us a small review, then please do so. Indeed, we want to know about the quality of the music. Also, whether the on-screen graphics are legible too.

Making a comment here will help others before they invest in this rare label should they come across them.

Omnibus Karaoke OM29227 - Back CDG

Indeed, we call them rare because of their labels. Although they originate from essential karaoke, they do have their own Identity. With this in mind, they have their own uniqueness.

Finally, we are discussing karaoke equipment in detail in our large Karaoke Forum. We invite you to join the forum as well as here on our main blogs.  Of course, you can interact with other karaoke enthusiasts much better on a forum.

Omnibus Karaoke Song Book Also

Of course we have a song list to accompany the discs above. In fact, we do not accept disc id’s unless they have an attached track list. So, to view the song list for Omnibus Karaoke, click the link below.

View The Song Book

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