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Indeed, this is the Open Mic Karaoke reviews page

Open Mic Karaoke (OPM)

In short, there are two karaoke company names that are almost identical. However, they are different companies. They are the discs in the list here ie Open Mic karaoke, and then there is Open Mike karaoke. But, they are different labels altogether. In essence, this is the sort of thing that collectors love. However, neither of them make karaoke discs any more. Open Mic Karaoke produced about three times as many karaoke discs than Open Mike Karaoke.
Open Mic Karaoke OPM-AV - CDG

Overall, we could only find a few examples of the physical discs that we could buy. All in all, ebay looks the safest bet should you wish to collect these karaoke discs. However, always check on the condition of the discs before you purchase the. Obviously, keen collectors should know how to use ebay to its fullest to grab rare stuff at a reasonable price.

In addition to the disc identity numbers sent to us, members sent in their song book lists for these. Also, with such a small label, compiling this information was straightforward.

To clarify, here is a list of Open Mic Karaoke disc id numbers we have:

Open Mic Karaoke discs
Open Mic Karaoke discs - blue cover
Open Mic Karaoke discs - orange cover

To Sum Up

The Open Mic Karaoke Series looks to be a rare find indeed. However, we can only rely on members giving us a review of the music quality. And of course, the state of play when it comes to the on-screen lyrics. Should you wish to help out other karaoke collectors then please consider writing a small review. Indeed, tell us all you know about the Open Mic Karaoke discs.
Open Mic Karaoke cdg back cover orange

Open Mic Karaoke Song Book Also

So, we have all the disc id numbers listed above, we now need to move on to the song list. The song list is only three pages long but it does have many singers and bands. Of course, there are many decent songs. If you do buy these discs on the second-hand market because of the Karaoke Shack, let us know. As previously noted, the Shack team stay unbiased at all times as to the individual karaoke labels. So, your comments are more than welcome.

In short, click the link below to go to the Open Mic Karaoke song list:

View The Song Book

Finally, enjoy your time here at the Karaoke Shack. Indeed, bookmark our website and call back often.

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3 Responses to Open Mic Karaoke

  1. jomarch says:

    I don’t see any trace of the OPM-GSP2

    If someone could send me the track listing, that would be very helpful in my search

  2. Slinky says:

    Thanks jomarch my friend. After doing a little research myself I can confirm that the disc you mentioned, OPM-GSP2, does not exist. It has been taken out of the list above.

    Having spoken to the member who sent in the original information we have found that he had listed it under Open Mic Karaoke. It was actually a rogue Open Mike Karaoke disc, namely OPM2201.

    Should you find others in the wrong place please let us know and they can be corrected for the benefit of others.

  3. Jeff_Ehlert says:

    Open Mic was an offshoot of the Christian label Sparrow and its sister labels. These were original artist discs and were in a 6+6 format if I remember correctly. They had good graphics and great sound quality. I grabbed mine when they were clearing them out at a distributor!

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