Open Mike Karaoke Song Book

Open Mike Karaoke Song Book - track lists

Indeed, this is the Open Mike Karaoke Song Book


Open Mike Karaoke Song Book

Obviously, the list shows many Gospel and Bluegrass karaoke songs. However, there are others from Motley Crue and Fall Out Boy. So, this collection did not specialise in one genre. Indeed, study the Open Mike Karaoke Song Book and if it makes you want to buy them, do so. Just to point out, this has proven difficult to find them for sale. But, they will crop up from time to time.

However, just because your favourite artist is in there, it doesn’t mean they are good. Likewise, they may be the best available. Indeed, this is exactly why the Karaoke Shack exists too. For example, you wouldn’t really make a purchase on anything without some form of homework. Karaoke discs are no difference, of course. With this in mind, tell us all about your experiences with these karaoke discs. Obviously, if you buy some on account of the Open Mike Karaoke pages here at the Karaoke Shack, tell us. Of course, there this series has its own reviews page.

Just to point out, there are two similar sounding karaoke labels. Firstly, there is this one here, Open Mike Karaoke series. Then there is the Open Mic Karaoke series. Obviously, we have disc identities for both. Indeed, we also have song books for them too. With this in mind, if anyone can prove a link of some sort between these two labels, let us know.

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