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Indeed, this is the Open Mike Karaoke review page

Open Mike Karaoke Series

In spite of similar sounding names, this Open Mike karaoke Series is not the same company that produced the Open Mic Karaoke series. Likewise, neither of them produce karaoke tracks now. Indeed, that stopped many moons ago. This Open Mike series made a handful of karaoke discs, but what do they sound like?

Obviously, looking at the Open Mike Karaoke song list, we see a few Gospel discs. However, there is a Ramones discs and a Johnny Cash disc. So, there was not a focus on one genre!

Open Mike Karaoke Series - OPM2200 disc
Join in and tell us about this firm, also were there any physical connection to another company. Obviously, tell us about the quality of the audio. Also, tell us all about the on-screen graphics. For example, do they sync well enough.

In essence, we could find very little information about the Open Mike Karaoke Series. So, we will update this page if any further information comes our way. In particular, should any ‘missing’ discs turn up. In the meantime, a few KJ’s helped to compile this list of discs. Obviously, the track listing too.

Here is a list of all the Open Mike Karaoke id’s that we have so far:

Open Mike Karaoke OPM2211 - Label - song book downloads
Open Mike Karaoke OPM2222 CDG Discs
Open Mike Karaoke OPM2227 - Label CD+G

To Sum Up

Open Mike Karaoke microphone - cdg music and graphics
In conclusion, the above list has some gaps. Obviously, we all would like to know if they are intentional. Indeed, were there any other karaoke discs from Open Mike? They are a rare bunch of karaoke discs indeed. By the same token, they would be a mouthwatering proposition should anyone have the chance to actually buy these discs.

That, of course, relies fully on whether the karaoke discs are musically sound and the graphics are also ok. If you wish to help out then please consider giving us your thoughts on the series. Indeed, your opinions on the music content etc., will help the karaoke community. Since this list has a Ramones disc, we do know of someone who wishes to buy it. However, after a long time waiting, they gave up trying to get it!

Open Mike Song Book Also

Finally, compiling the disc identity numbers for Open Mike was pretty simple. Indeed, there is a song list to accompany them. However, as usual, all new information is welcome.

In short, click the link below to access the Open Mike Karaoke song book PDF file. But, if you do manage to grab some of these discs, don’t forget to call back and tell us.

Open Mike Karaoke OPM2216 - Front - Motley Crue - song lists

View The Song Book

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