Other Karaoke Labels

Karaoke Shack has listed all the other karaoke labels - here we list the smaller labels that made only a few discs or even one off discs

Indeed, here are the one off other karaoke labels that produced just a few discs. Some may also get their own page in the future if more info comes in

Other Karaoke Labels

To begin with, we set out with this project in response to a friends request. Obviously, this was to get all the karaoke disc’s ID numbers online. Additionally, we asked members for their help in the project. As a result, KJ’s sent in their disc id’s in the same way they had them in their song books. Hence, after sifting through mountains of data, we found that there seemed to be many one-off karaoke discs. So, we shall list those here. Obviously, if you find that the Karaoke Shack is listing them wrongly, tell us.  Also, if you find other karaoke discs that we have not listed, please let us know. Thus, on this page we will concentrate on the karaoke makers who made a few discs. However, some are single-release karaoke discs.
Other Karaoke Labels - Man sings with guitar

To Clarify these other labels

Firstly, let us get the confusion about one of those labels out the road right now. For instance, there is an Ultra-Sonics Karaoke and an Ultrasonics Karaoke label. In brief, these are both different karaoke producers!

Ultra-Sonics Karaoke: US0001, US0002, US0003, US0004
Ultrasonics: US02 …… indeed, was there a US01?

More small karaoke labels

A#1 Karaoke Series: ALP01, ALP02
Current Hits Karaoke (CHK) series: CHK0808C – Country Hits & CHK0808P – Pop Hits
Dynamo Professional Karaoke: DYN3001, DYN3002, DYN3003
Karaoke 4 Kids (Wonderkids): WK-BS (Bible Songs), WK-KFS (Kids Favourite Karaoke Songs)
Wiggles Karaoke: WIG001-Kidz, WIG002-Xmas, WIG003
Windmill Parodies: WMP1, WMP2, WMP1
World of Karaoke: WOK001, WOK002, WOK003, WOK004, WOK009, WOK015 **

** Any information why there is gaps in this series is welcome too.

other karaoke labels karaoke4kids
other karaoke labels - wiggles
other karaoke labels - world of karaoke cdg

On To The One-Off Karaoke Discs

ABS Karaoke: ABSK0500
American Gold: AG1001
American Karaoke Company: AKC001
Bad Blue Karaoke: BBVEU-01 (AKA MMVEU01)
Dreamworks: SHREK2 Party CD
KCC Complimentary Karaoke: KCC01
MTV Singing Machine: AEL008
Newfoundland Karaoke (Avondale Music): NFLD01
Rhino Records: RR73875
Sire Records: SR01
Sovereign Grace Ministries: SGM001
Star Struck Records: SS2002

To Sum Up

Up to the present time, we have managed to compile the above list from information supplied to us. Obviously, this was mostly from forum members. However, we all have great interest in any other one-off karaoke discs. So, if you know of any, please let us know and we shall add them to the list.

In essence, if anyone has any of these other karaoke labels, tell us what you think of them. In other words, is it worth the time, effort and money to go and seek them out?

Finally, there is no voting available on the one off karaoke discs listed on this page. However, please go through all your best karaoke labels here and rate each one separately. Of course, by doing this will make it clear to other karaoke disk collectors that certain labels are worth collecting.

Other Karaoke Labels - young boy dancing and singing
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