Passionhouse Karaoke Song Book

Passionhouse Karaoke Song Book - track lists - downloadable

Indeed, this is the Passionhouse Karaoke Song Book


Passionhouse Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, the manufacturer has the name Passionhouse and not Passion House as some would say. Be that as it may, inspect the Passionhouse Karaoke Song Book and if you like what you see, buy them. However, they are old. But, they do crop up on ebay and similar sites from time to time. Obviously, if you do buy them, come back and review them on their dedicated page. Furthermore, we would like to know whether you would recommend the discs.

In view of the fact that there are only a few of these karaoke discs in existence, buy them. This is because they may be a collectors item soon. Obviously, avid karaoke collectors will grab them. However, the casual karaoke disc buyer, should decide if these tracks are suitable for their needs.

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