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Indeed, this is the Passionhouse Karaoke reviews page

Passionhouse Karaoke Series (PHCD)

Releasing just four karaoke discs, Passionhouse, indeed, was a small concern. Nonetheless we aim to cover all the karaoke labels here at Karaoke Shack. In this case, there are three Irish traditional karaoke discs. Also, there is an oldie mish-mash karaoke disc. There were still a few places selling the odd Paddyoke disc. But, the prices were much higher than expected for such obscure karaoke discs. So, look out for bargains on the web. Obviously, places like ebay and Gumtree will show these from time to time.

In the first place, some members sent in their karaoke disc identity numbers with the song lists. Obviously, we have compiled the very small list and we present it as is.

To clarify, here are the disc id’ numbers to watch out for in the Passionhouse Karaoke Series:


Obviously, the ‘OKE’ discs part of a two disc set.

Passionhouse Karaoke OKE20051-1 - Label - paddyoke CDG
Passionhouse Karaoke PHCD01 - Label song lists downloads
Passionhouse Karaoke PHCD02 - Label - Karaoke Shack - the song book people

To Sum Up

Indeed, Irish traditional songs do gown well in many places. However, this depending on where you are at. But, if you need this Passionhouse Karaoke set how do you decide if its any good for you? There is a possibility you could spend so much time and effort looking for them. Moreover, what would happen if you get them and you find they are no good to you. Obviously, this is where the Karaoke Shack steps in.
passionhouse karaoke - irish - paddyoke

In essence, the Karaoke Shack allows members to make reviews of the discs. By stating their opinions on the quality of the tracks, we keep everything independent too. Indeed, we remain quiet on such matters. However, we need more opinions as to the quality of the music. Also, how do the graphics compare? If anyone would like to make a comment or two, please do so. Obviously, our aim is to help out fellow karaoke collectors.

Passion House Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, before seeking these karaoke discs out, you need the song list. With this in mind, we list it on the next page. In short, click the link below and see the complete PDF.

View The Song Book

Finally, should you buy any Passionhouse karaoke discs or have them in your possession, what are they like?

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