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Indeed, here is the Phoenix Karaoke – English reviews page

Karaoke Phoenix – English Karaoke Series

To begin with, these English karaoke discs are part of a mainly Latin karaoke label. Indeed, Phoenix Karaoke released well over 100 discs.

The Karaoke Forum here at the Shack lists all the discs made by Phoenix Karaoke

In general, KJ’s use the letter ‘E’ at the end of the disc ID to help identify the English karaoke discs. Information about these discs are sketchy but we know there are eight tracks per disc. Moreover, all have their with-vocal versions.

Phoenix Karaoke - English Series - Bee Gees - KP007E
The Phoenix Karaoke disc ID’s also become reinforced with a song list below. This is because we gave a shout for confirmation of these discs a while back. So, not only can collectors cross-reference the discs, but can also check the track listings.

To the left, we see Phoenix Karaoke also released a Bee Gees karaoke disc. But, how does it sound?

All in all, the list we have here shows the known discs that we are aware of. Of course, thanks goes out to the previous members for supplying the lists:

Phoenix Karaoke KP008E - Front - CDG
Phoenix Karaoke KP010E - Front - download karaoke song lists
Phoenix Karaoke KP015E - Front - 90s - CD+G 90's

To Sum Up

For one thing, there are missing disc ID numbers. In short, we do not know why this is. Moreover, if anyone can provide proof of the ‘missing’ discs, let us know. In the long run, the Karaoke Shack will aim print the full international list of Phoenix Karaoke. So, if anyone would care to send in the details, please do so. Indeed, we believe there may be as many as 150 discs made by the firm. But, we need reliable information to confirm this.
Phoenix Karaoke - bird rising from the ashes

To sum up, karaoke collectors need to know the quality of these discs. For example, how do they sound. Moreover, are the graphics acceptable. Indeed, whether they are easy to obtain. Obviously, all input on these Phoenix Karaoke discs is welcome. However, we also have the Karaoke Directory so you can find other karaoke labels to vote for and review.

Phoenix Karaoke Song Book Also

Phoenix Karaoke KP002E - Carpenters 8+8
Now that we have all the information above, we also need a Phoenix Karaoke song book. Indeed, this is a complete track listing of all their English karaoke discs.

In short, click the link below to access it. Indeed, should you buy some Phoenix Karaoke discs because of the Karaoke Shack, let us know.

View The Song Book

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