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Indeed, this is the Pop Singles Monthly Karaoke reviews page

Pop Singles Monthly Karaoke

Firstly, the two discs in the list consist of 18 tracks each. All in all, nine tracks are non-vocal and nine tracks are with-vocal. Also, all the people we spoke to, have never heard of this karaoke label. But, true to form, we have a forum member who has sent us two disc id numbers. Indeed, the info we have is that the splash screen shows ‘Pop Singles Monthly’.

Obviously, if there is any information you can supply, do that here.

Pop Singles Monthly Karaoke PSM0009 - KJ song books
To clarify, here are the only two disc ID’s that we are aware of from this series:


To Sum Up

The Karaoke Shack would indeed love to hear more information about the producers of these discs. Indeed, it seems strange that there were only two discs – number 9 & 10. But, there may be more floating around. So, again, if you know of others, let us know. Obviously, they could be a home-made collection. On the other hand, they could be the forerunner of another karaoke label.

Pop Singles Monthly Karaoke PSM0010 - KJ song lists

We never saw any information whatsoever on the internet too. Indeed, grabbing hold of a copy of these is going to be difficult. So, if you have these or any others please consider letting us know as much information as possible.

For instance, how do they sound? Indeed, what are the on-screen graphics like? Also, if you know any more about the makers, then we would like to know this too.

Finally, the Karaoke Shack is an online karaoke directory that promotes all karaoke makers. Indeed, to stop the current karaoke manufacturers from going the same way as previous karaoke makers, we can do something. Indeed, we encourage people to buy from those currently producing karaoke. Obviously this allows them to continue with the good work.

Pop Singles Monthly Karaoke Song Book Also

Indeed, you may need to inspect the song book for the above series. Obviously, click the link below to access the PDF file.

View The Song Book

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