Power Hits Karaoke Song Book

Power Hits Karaoke Song Book - song books - disc identities

Indeed, this is the Power Hits Karaoke Song Book


Power Hits Karaoke Song Book

To begin with, we need to point out that Power Hits Karaoke are basically Ameri-Sing clones. In other words, the 13 karaoke discs in this Power Hits series are identical to the Ameri-sing alternatives. Indeed, they have the same amount of tracks. Also, the tracks are in the same order too.

However, they have their own identity. With this in mind, karaoke disc collectors need to decide which to buy. Of course, some people will buy both. But, to avoid duplicates, while saving money and space, take your pick. Indeed, read this Power Hits Karaoke song book together with the disc ID and reviews page. Then cross-reference with Ameri-Sing.  Obviously, the similarities hit you straight away.

In the first place, there are very few incidents of advice from the Karaoke Shack team. But, why would anyone want duplications in their karaoke collection? Of course, that statement was just to make other collectors have a think about things.

Finally, let us all know if you have these discs or are thinking of buying them. Obviously, a review of these discs would be great.

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