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Indeed, this is the Pro Hits Karaoke disc identity and reviews page

Pro Hits Karaoke Series (PH)

This set of discs have their own label but that’s it as far as it goes to being unique. This is because, these Pro Hits Karaoke Series discs are basically Backstage Karaoke clones. These in turn have a link to the NuTech Karaoke group and so on.
pro hits karaoke series - Backstage Karaoke

Because of their identity, which is clearly on the physical karaoke discs, they will spark interest from karaoke collectors. The casual user or KJ however, will probably stick with a set from the parent company. This is so they know where they are, and of course, keep their song books in order. Not only that, but they will avoid many dupes too.

To clarify, here is a complete list of the Pro Hits Karaoke Series disc ID numbers from a forum member:

PH01 AKA BS4517 (mpx)
PH02 AKA BS5017 (mpx)
PH03 AKA BS4317 (mpx)
PH04 AKA BS4017 (mpx)
PH05 AKA BS5117 (mpx)
PH06 AKA BS4617 (mpx)
PH07 AKA BS4817 (mpx)
PH08 AKA BS4417 (mpx)
PH09 AKA BS4917 (mpx)
PH10 AKA BS4117 (mpx)
PH11 AKA BS4717 & NT027 (mpx)
PH12 AKA BS4217 & NT009 (mpx)
PH13 AKA BS3817 (mpx)
PH14 AKA BS3917 (mpx)
Pro Hits Karaoke PH02 - Label DJ & KJ song books
Pro Hits Karaoke PH09 - Label KJ song lists
Pro Hits Karaoke PH13 - Label CDG

To Sum Up

Pro Hits karaoke series - woman sings on microphone

Note also that (mpx) stands for Multiplex. In other words, one side of the karaoke track has a with-vocal accompaniment. This is usually the right side but you can turn them off with a suitable machine.

Indeed, just look for the mpx button or similar and the guide vocals will disappear. Just to point out that there is a fair amount of people who like the mpx karaoke discs. Moreover, mpx can help people learn the karaoke songs that they always wanted to try.

Furthermore, it may well be that you have the Pro Hits Karaoke series in your collection. If this is the case, then we are looking for a review of this series. Our policy of course, is for staff of the Karaoke Shack not to comment. We particularly want to know about the quality of the music and on-screen graphics. By contributing in some way, you are also helping other karaoke collectors too.

Although we could not see any of these discs on the internet, one day they will show up. In fact, karaoke collectors may use the Shack or the karaoke forum to sell theirs. So, never give up should you be seeking this Pro Hits Karaoke collection.

Pro Hits Karaoke Series Song Book Also

As previously noted above, these Pro Hits Karaoke discs are basically clones. However, some people may benefit from these discs. For example, they may crop up cheaply on ebay. Moreover, some may not have the Backstage Karaoke etc. Be that as it may, check out the Pro Hits Karaoke PDF and cross-reference etc. Obviously, if you do buy any of these discs, get back and leave a comment or two. We remain unbiased, but that doesn’t stop members from giving their opinions on any karaoke label.
Pro Hits Karaoke PH07 - CDG Label - song books

In short, click the link below and see the Pro Hits Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

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