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Indeed, this is the Protrax Karaoke reviews page

Protrax Karaoke Series

To begin with, this is a collection of 14 karaoke discs with their own unique label. Indeed, people throughout the karaoke industry, like the Protrax Karaoke Series. They do say if Protrax made the karaoke version, you are indeed in luck. Also on the disc, is possibly the name of the umbrella company; I-ko Leisure. In short, we can supply no further information on the producers. So, any input from the members will be welcome. For example, where was their base etc.
Protrax Karaoke PX008 - Label KJ Song Books

Generally speaking, these discs are cheap on the second-hand market. Indeed, we saw a full set of these go for £36 ($56 US) on ebay UK in May 2013. Even then, the seller described the backing tracks as “awesome”. As previously noted, many others think the same. However, it will always be the Karaoke Shack’s policy to only allow members to review the discs. In essence, we allow only truly independent reviews.

Because, Protrax Karaoke only made 14 discs, it was easy to compile a list of the discs. Also, a complete song list was easy to compile too.

To clarify, here is a list of all the Protrax Karaoke disc ID’s as sent to us by some KJ’s:

Protrax Karaoke PX11 - Label CDG
Protrax Karaoke PX12 - Label CD+G
Protrax Karaoke PX013 - Label CDG KJ song lists

To Sum Up

Another KJ tells us that he lists his with an extra zero like this PX001 etc. However, the disc id number is in fact only four digits long, ie without the extra zero. We remain unbiased but the members state their opinions. Most were happy enough to recommend the Protrax Karaoke Series too. With this in mind, we can safely say that buying these discs should not be a gamble.
Protrax karaoke - women singing whilst drunk on the floor
Protrax karaoke reviews and opinions as well as song lists
Should you have these Protrax Karaoke discs, or indeed have any experience with them, please help the karaoke community by writing a small review for us. You can still buy the Protrax collection in full from time to time when they crop up.
  So, before parting with the money, we all would like to know about their quality. Also, does the on-screen lyrics match the beat of the music and what exactly is the music like? Obviously, these are only opinions. Indeed, there will never be anything better than personal experience. However, as previously noted, the only gamble is whether the Protrax Karaoke discs are in good condition. Especially since the best bet is to use ebay to buy them.

Protrax Karaoke Song Book Also

So, now we have all the discs ID numbers. Furthermore, we know they do not have a bad name in the karaoke world. Thus, it only remains to provide the track listings. This we will do on the next page, so please click the link below.

View The Song Book

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