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Indeed, this is the Rare Cuts Karaoke reviews page

Rare Cuts Karaoke Series

Just another flash-in-the-pan karaoke label with seven karaoke discs to their name. As the label name suggests, this company indeed dealt with the hard to find karaoke tracks. In general, having the same song in your collection many times is not very good. Indeed the karaoke discs collector spends lots of cash needlessly this way. So, someone who specialises in hard-to-find karaoke tracks will do just nicely, thank you.
Rare Cuts Karaoke RC6901 - CDG - KJ song lists

However, just because some of the tracks may have been rare, it doesn’t mean that they are good discs. In fact, working with them might be a pain. Obviously, using them at home may be a challenge. So this is where the members come in. The Karaoke Shack’s stance will always be to stay unbiased also. Indeed, the only way we feel we can achieve that is to allow only members to review. So, over to you!

Thanks to a forum member for the supply of the following list. To clarify, here are the seven Rare Cuts Karaoke discs ID numbers.

Rare Cuts Karaoke RC6903 CDG Label
Rare Cuts Karaoke RC6904 CD+G Label
Rare Cuts Karaoke RC6907 - song lists

To Sum Up

Should you have any of these Rare Cuts Karaoke discs then please consider giving us your opinions about them. We are particularly looking for views about the musical quality as well as the quality of the on-screen graphics.
Rare Cuts Karaoke - Party logo

In the first place, we found no trace of these discs on the internet. So, we do not know whether they will be cheap or expensive to buy on the second-hand market. The cost will also depend upon the condition of the karaoke discs. But, good luck if you find them. Obviously, let us know if you do.

Rare Cuts Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, we now have the Rare Cuts Karaoke disc identity numbers. So, now we need to see the tracks available. After all, don’t judge a book by its cover. In short, click the link below and the RC karaoke song list will open up. Obviously it is available as a downloadable PDF file.

View The Song Book

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