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Here, at the Karaoke Shack, we have just reintroduced the rating system for karaoke labels, companies, discs and tracks also. The new system seems to be more reliable than the previous system which had major flaws. Moreover, everyone can rate karaoke, even non-members. Indeed, by rating karaoke you are recommend others to buy the discs with just two clicks of the mouse!

You do not need to register with the website in order to vote. This means that if you like a particular label, such as the Zoom Karaoke label for example, you can vote for it.
Rate Karaoke - red stars - karaoke forum and chat rooms
In effect, the rating system has red stars on a scale of one to ten. Not only can you rate karaoke labels and individual karaoke discs you can also recommend them to other karaoke collectors.

Help Karaoke Collectors – Rate Karaoke

The new system will never replace the good old fashioned reviews, however. But it will allow those who do not wish to register for a one off review. Also, there are those who have limited experience with karaoke manufacturers. In this case, with a large amount of karaoke companies, the odd vote from those people will always be welcome.

In short, the voting panel is at the bottom of each page. However, some karaoke companies released a massive amount of karaoke discs. Indeed, their identity numbers could never be in one list on one page. In those cases, it is only possible to vote once.

Here is an image of the rating system we are now using

Rate Karaoke - Karaoke companies come and go but what company made the best music and graphics etc? Rate each karaoke company and help others.

What is the best karaoke company? What is the best karaoke label? Now you can help other karaoke disc collectors by rating each one yourself. Anyone can vote so do it now!


Rate Karaoke Discs Also Labels

Obviously we would like others to register and write their own reviews in the comments section below each page. A review will help other collectors far better, but the new rating system will also help. So, please join in.

The Karaoke Forum is also in full swing. So, you can do a review there too. Indeed, the Karaoke Forum is for those who have an interest in that sort of chat and interaction. There is no rating system there so hopefully you can join in with both.

Update: we have now managed to combine the blogs and forums together on one site also. By the same token, we now use one name – The Karaoke Shack. The whole site has a new design and is also on faster servers too.

To Sum Up

Obviously, our aim is to help those that love karaoke. Not just the professional but the casual home user too. With this in mind, everyone and anyone is welcome as long as you like karaoke.

Finally, we have more or less started from scratch again with the new domain name. So, we welcome old and new members alike. All are equal here so please do your best to help us develop the karaoke community again. Of course, in our own unique style too.

Obviously, karaoke discs are our currency and always will be. We have indeed introduced a rating system, so rate karaoke discs or karaoke manufacturers today!

Rate Karaoke Discs Also Labels - old karaoke singers singing and dancing

Rate Karaoke - red stars rating system karaoke disc rating system

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