RCA Karaoke Song Book

RCA Karaoke Song Book - DJ & KJ song books and lists

Indeed, this is the RCA Karaoke Song Book


RCA Karaoke Song Book

With so many karaoke discs from RCA you would think the song book would be bigger. However, considering that they only have eight tracks on each disc this is not the case. In effect, there are only four different tracks. This is because they have four normal karaoke songs and then they have the with-vocal versions. This wouldn’t be a problem if the main songs are of premium quality, of course. So, if you have experience with these karaoke discs, let us all know.

Obviously, read this page in association with the main RCA Karaoke reviews and disc identity page. With this in mind, should you purchase any on account of the information here, let us know. Indeed, we only allow independent reviews from the members.

So, go ahead and inspect the RCA Karaoke Song Book, if they stimulate you, buy some. Of course, with RCA not making discs now, you will need to check the likes of internet auction sites etc.

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