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Indeed, this is the Rebel Sync Karaoke reviews page

Rebel Sync Karaoke Series

Firstly, here is a karaoke label that released three karaoke discs. For one thing, the Rebel Sync Karaoke label shows disc 1 & 3 having the name ‘Raiding The Vaults’. Likewise, disc 2 is has the name ‘Rude, Crude & Attitude’. The latter disc, RSX002, is what it says on the tin, so use with caution! Apparently, most of the tracks on this disc are also on Ameri-sing AMS2001 but at this stage we do not know if there is a direct link. Indeed, do you know?
Rebel Sync Karaoke - KJ song books CDG

Not only did we see these advertised on the internet in many places, they were cheap too. Obviously, this was when we done a check. But, we checked months later and they were still for sale. So, they are still available. With this in mind, we need a few independent reviews on these discs. This is because our policy will not allow us to do this. Therefore, if you have the Rebel Sync Karaoke discs, leave a comment or two.

To clarify, here is the only list we have for the Rebel Sync Karaoke series. Thanks to the forum member sending this in of course. Obviously, the disc identification will remain the same as the firm doesn’t make karaoke now. Moreover, the song list remains the same too.


Rebel Sync Karaoke RSX001 - Label CDG
Rebel Sync Karaoke RSX001 - Label CD+G
Rebel Sync Karaoke RSX002 - Label - DJ & KJ song books

To Sum Up

In brief, we welcome comments on this karaoke label as to the quality of the sound. Also, are the graphics good enough for gigging or home use? In addition, information about the company responsible for the discs is welcome. For example, have they moved on to pastures new?

Rebel Sync Karaoke RSX003 - Label CDG song lists
In particular, if you have the discs, you can tell us about your experiences and leave a review. For instance, would recommend them to other karaoke collectors? Obviously, there is only three discs to find. With this in mind, it might be worthwhile buying them for their rare value or even novelty value. Furthermore, as we can see there are variations to the label. In other words, there are only three physical discs, but to an avid collector, there are more!

Rebel Sync Karaoke Song Book Also

Although there are only three karaoke discs in the Rebel Sync series, we still need to know their contents. So, to remedy this we have a Rebel Sync Karaoke song book for all. In short, click the link below to view the Rebel Sync Karaoke song book.

View The Song Book

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