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Rhythm and Blues Karaoke Series

Firstly, here we have a list of karaoke discs by Rhythm and Blues Karaoke. Although, the name gives away most, if not all of the genre involved, it looks like a decent collectors item. Obviously, this karaoke label stopped making karaoke discs ages ago. However, since when did singing go out of fashion? With this in mind, you may snag a bargain with these on the second-hand market. Of course, ensure the discs are in excellent condition!

Rhythm and Blues Karaoke RB19 - Front - KJ song lists
Rhythm and Blues Karaoke vol 3
Correspondingly, we have a list of discs ID’s from a forum member. It is clear that he either did not have the full collection or there are intentional gaps in this series.

Obviously, information about the manufacturers is always welcome. So is details about the possible existence of the ‘missing’ discs. By the same token, if you have any of these karaoke discs, let us all know if they sound good.

To clarify, here is the list of karaoke disc id numbers from the Rhythm and Blues Karaoke Collection:


* No information yet, indeed they may not exist.

Rhythm and Blues Karaoke RB01 - Label - DJ Song Books
Rhythm and Blues Karaoke RB12 - Label - KJ song books downloads
Rhythm and Blues Karaoke RB18 - Label - KJ song lists CDG identities

To Sum Up

As shown above, there are five discs that are ‘missing’. In brief, the supplier of the disc id’s for this series has not replied to us. So, our information is a little sketchy. However, we believe these Rhythm and Blues Karaoke collection are from a manufacturer in Canada. Obviously, send in all information on this set if you have any.

Rhythm and Blues Karaoke Hendrix and Picket
Rhythm and Blues Karaoke a gold saxophone
In fact, a brief internet search provides no information. However, the key search words are rather universal. This is because there are plenty of rhythm and blues results, but none of these discs. For that reason, we will leave this detective work to those that already know. In short, we do know, like most karaoke series’, these discs are relatively old.

As previously noted on the Karaoke Shack, our team will always remain unbiased. Indeed, we leave all reviews to the members for a true perspective. So, sign up and write a line or two and do your bit to help out the karaoke community.

Rhythm and Blues Karaoke Song Book Also

In the light of the disc id numbers above, we now need to list the song list. Of course, it is in PDF form so you can browse it at your leisure. In short, click the link below for the complete track listing for this series. Bookmark us if you also intend to buy this series.

View The Song Book

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    Following an enquiry from a new member I have managed to put together a list of all the tracks on this set of Rhythm and Blues karaoke discs:


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