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Indeed, this is the Rising Star Karaoke reviews page

Rising Star Karaoke Series

These karaoke discs have indeed got a pretty generic name. This obviously makes searching for the manufacturer, and of course the actual physical discs, that much harder. This is very true, especially when the karaoke discs are so old. There are many KJ’s and clubs calling themselves Rising Star while also using karaoke. So, its going to be difficult for the research unless we have a member who can shed light on matters. Because the discs are rare, they were not on ebay either.

Rising Star Karaoke

However, our members have come up trumps again. Indeed, according to one member, only three Rising Star Karaoke discs are in existence as we see below. Of course, should any more come to light, please tell us. As a matter of fact, two members actually had the three discs and both sent in the song lists. However, this was a while back. So, if you know anything about the Rising Star Karaoke producer, we all want to know.

To clarify, here is a list of the three Rising Star Karaoke discs that we know of:

Rising Star Karaoke RS501 - Label CDG
Rising Star Karaoke RS502 - Label CD+G
Rising Star Karaoke RS503 - Label - KJ song lists

To Sum Up

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These Rising Star Karaoke discs are indeed hard to come by. But, we are sure there are karaoke collectors out there who have an interest just out of curiosity.
In fact, other karaoke fans may desire them if they had a good review. That’s where you come in obviously!

Tell us as much as you can about the musical quality. Furthermore, tell us all what the on-screen graphics are like. Obviously, give your thoughts if you have these Rising Star Karaoke discs or have any experience of them. Owing to their rarity, other karaoke collectors may bypass them with the lack of information. So, if you have these Rising Star Karaoke discs, leave a comment or two. Even if you have heard the odd track, again let us all know what you think.

Rising Star Karaoke Song Book Also

Obviously, there are only three karaoke discs in this series. Be that as it may, there could be songs on these discs that interest you. In fact, they may even crop up up on ebay cheap as chips. In this case, you will need more information on them.

So, click the link below to see the complete track listings. But, don’t forget to let us know if you buy any of these discs.

Rising Star Karaoke RS502 - Back - tracks discs and lists

View The Song Book

Finally, bookmark our website home page for future reference. This is just in case you need to come back to do a review for us.

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