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Indeed, this is the SBI Karaoke Song Book

Updated March 2018

SBI Karaoke Song Book

In the first place, the Karaoke Shack always will always promote karaoke manufacturers. With this in mind, we are happy to say that SBI are still releasing karaoke. So, without any delay, pop over to their website and buy direct. We also guarantee that you will be happy with their offerings. In fact, if there was any doubt about what we say check out the SBI Karaoke Song Book above!

Coupled with the fact that you are supporting the karaoke industry, you will get all the new karaoke available today. Indeed, there are lots of oldies too! However, it is the policy of the Karaoke Shack for our staff to remain unbiased on all karaoke labels. So, we leave all reviews come from members. Therefore, if you do buy SBI Karaoke tracks, please feel free to go to the dedicated SBI Karaoke review page and leave a comment or two. Of course, you can comment on any karaoke matters here or in the Karaoke Forum.

By all means, tell us about your experiences with SBI Karaoke. Obviously, this includes how your dealings with them. All things considered, we hope you are as happy as we are that we have a karaoke company still producing. In conclusion, hats off to the people behind SBI Karaoke. Indeed, we wish you continued success.


As previously noted, we are reliant on members sending in current song lists. Indeed, the SBI list is very dynamic. This is because the SBI Karaoke company is still making karaoke tracks. So, contact us using the tabs above should you wish to send in a list of recent releases. Indeed, we want to know if we have missed any out. However, we found that it is time consuming adjusting the lists. With this in mind, we will update the list every couple of months or so.

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