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The SBI Karaoke producers, based in the UK, are still going strong and have an easily to navigate website. Apparently, Abraxa Karaoke is a part of the SBI group too. The SBI Karaoke producers have issued many older songs as well as current chart hits. So that is very good news.

Obviously, if you order custom burn CD’s or DVD’d with video accompaniment these will have the on-screen lyrics. Also, there is no limit to the amount of SBI karaoke tracks you can buy. So, you could have a SBI custom burn karaoke disc with one track or twenty. As long as they burn it and send it to you, then you will get proper karaoke tracks with graphics. Of course, that is unless they are on sale as having no on-screen lyrics.
SBI Karaoke - cdg discs

All in all, it never makes any sense to have karaoke discs without the on-screen lyrics. However, with the way licensing works, sometimes karaoke tracks indeed come without graphics. In effect, artists and song writers etc., impose this policy on karaoke makers. So our advice here at Karaoke Shack would be to only buy those that are genuine karaoke tracks with graphics. Of course, tracks without on-screen graphics should be identifiable.

We take our hats off without delay here

SBI Karaoke - hats off to digital downloads
On the whole, here we have a current karaoke producer with a web presence, selling reasonably priced karaoke. Of course, we wish them all the best. This is because so many producers mushroomed and went out of business so quick in the past. With this in mind, karaoke fans everywhere should appreciate current karaoke producers.
They should also understand that by supporting SBI karaoke now, this ensures a good supply of karaoke tracks coming onto the market. Furthermore, by purchasing lots of karaoke tracks from SBI Karaoke, we allow the firm to survive. Obviously, we are also helping to keep the flow of karaoke music coming onto the karaoke scene.

CD’s v digital downloads

Generally speaking, the good old fashioned karaoke discs offer a sound second to none. Moreover, the dynamics of using a commercially produced karaoke disc far outweigh those laptop based systems.
SBI Karaoke - music - disgital downloads
By and large, when you buy digital downloads they will not have the bit rate that a disc can offer. In short, some tracks may be 128 kbps and this is not very good. So, if you buy digital downloads, go for the highest bit rate on offer. For example, there may be 192 kbps tracks together with 320 kbps. In this case, go for the 320kbps!

Obviously, if you use a disc based system, then you will need to burn the tracks to a compact disc. With this in mind, we have an article that you can read which shows how to do this and the equipment needed. For the most part, this is an easy thing to do if not time consuming. However, please understand that if you burn a disc with 128 kbps karaoke tracks, you still get 128 kbps music! In other words, it is not the same as buying a commercially released karaoke disc.

To sum up

So, despite the difficulties in buying the digital downloads and burning them to disc, we applaud the use of this modern technology.
SBI Karaoke downloads - mp3+g
Of course, those KJ’s that use laptops at their gigs will be quite happy to order digital downloads. Nonetheless, we will always promote the use of higher quality karaoke music. There is also something special about working with a proper karaoke disc player and a mountain of discs.

SBI Karaoke - fonzie thumbs up

It’s cool to support current karaoke makers

Since the SBI Karaoke people are relatively new, we still need to know what we are buying. Are you working with SBI Karaoke products at this time or have any experience with their tracks? For instance, how do they fare with the older karaoke discs and tracks? Your opinions counts, so tell us a little about the karaoke from SBI. Ultimately, it is from the reviews on any product that makes us buy isn’t it? Finally, please rate this karaoke manufacturer and others in our massive list.

SBI Song List Available Too

Although the Karaoke Shack Team are all in retirement from the karaoke scene, we still buy karaoke. Since we don’t gig at all, there is no need for us to invest too much. Therefore, we are relying on members to supply us with updated lists. Indeed, with SBI being a super prolific karaoke producer, it is necessary to update the lists regularly.
The Karaoke Shack have a page devoted to the new SBI Karaoke products. They are an active company so buy some new karaoke today.

SBI Karaoke are still making karaoke tracks – buy them today!

So, keep sending in the lists and we will do our best to update every few months. With this in mind, click the link below and see our current list.

View The Song Book

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